Events at the IOP

  1. Study Group with Bob Cohn: Journalism and Politics in an Age of Disruption

    Monday September 23 - 4:30pm

    The changing media world. As digital upstarts (Vice, Vox, Drudge, Huffington Post) brought new tools and new sensibilities to political coverage, legacy media had to learn fast.

    Guests: Nancy Gibbs, former Editor, TIME and Adam Moss, former Editor of New York Magazine and The New York Times Magazine.

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)


  2. Study Group with Deesha Dyer: From Imposter to Impact

    Monday September 23 - 4:30pm

    Week 2: Authenticity & Originality

    An often popular but complicated phrase we hear daily is to “Be Yourself”. While it is good and safe advice, it is often not realistic. What does it mean to be your authentic self? How can you remain true to that while in an environment that How exactly do we come to the table and operate from a place of authenticity in a world that pushes back? Even further, how do we represent the communities we serve while navigating old-age power structures? 

    Guest: Trymaine Lee, MSNBC Correspondent, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award winning journalist

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166)

  3. The Future of the American Labor Movement with Ai-jen Poo and Palak Shah

    Monday September 23 - 6:00pm

    A conversation with activists Ai-jen Poo and Palak Shah, moderated by Executive Director of the Social Innovation and Change Initiative Brittany Butler to discuss the future of the labor movement in America.

  4. Study Group with Alice Stewart: From the Reagan Rule to Trump Tweets: A look back at election process, press, and data with a glimpse to the future of Socialism, and Trumpism

    Tuesday September 24 - 4:30pm

    Week 2: What’s down the road for President Donald Trump in 2020?

    President Trump has the luxury of being an incumbent president leading into the 2020 election.  With the help of the Republican National Committee and supporting groups, Trump is able to raise money and galvanize voters. Alice Stewart is joined by Trump for President Communications Director Marc Lotter to discuss the messaging and direction of the road to November 2020.  

    Guest: Marc Lotter, Director of Strategic Communications for the re-election campaign of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

  5. Study Group with LaTosha Brown: We the People: Forming an Inclusive, Just and More Perfect Union Through Organizing

    Tuesday September 24 - 4:30pm

    Week 2: To Vote or Not To Vote: Whose Democracy Is This?

    Is democracy a modern political desire and/or value for Americans? How do we strengthen democracy in an environment where the right to vote for many is openly being attacked and challenged by those in positions of power at the highest levels of government? Can we protect the right to vote with a weakened Voting Rights Act? Who are the organizations and organizers that are leading efforts to expand the electorate and/or shrink the electorate? In this study session, we will discuss and explore some of the most effective and innovative strategies being used in this current political environment to address voter suppression, mobilize voters and expand democracy.  

    Guests: Desmond Meade is a voting rights activist and Executive Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. As chair of Floridians for a Fair Democracy, Meade led the successful effort to pass Florida Amendment 4, a 2018 state initiative that restored voting rights to over 1.4 million Floridians with previous felony convictions.[2]In April 2019, Time magazine named Meade as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.[3]

    Greg Palast, National Investigative Reporter for the Guardian and Rolling Stone, Producer of The Best Democracy that Money Can Buy documentary. 
    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166)
  6. Road Warriors: Stories from the Presidential Campaign Trail

    Tuesday September 24 - 6:00pm

    A first in the IOP’s ongoing Election 2020 series featuring embedded reporters on the campaign trail with presidential candidates. This inaugural event features CBS News’ Musadiq Bidar, Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes, and NBC News’ Marianna Sotomayor. The conversation will be moderated by IOP Senior Fellow and Washington Post correspondent Dan Balz.

  7. Study Group with H.E. Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado: Foreign Policy, Regional and Global Development Challenges

    Wednesday September 25 - 4:30pm

    Week 2: The Panama Papers, how does a government deal with an external crisis.

    Millions of documents leaked by a consortium of journalists, exposing financial and attorney – client information. Including information about public figures worldwide, simultaneously, around the globe, in all major newspapers and agencies. The leak of information created local and global stress. Named after Panama, it represented a major challenge to the government, seriously affecting the image of the country. We will address the reputational consequences and the impact on Panama ́s agenda on global financial services.  

    Guest: Ambassador Gian Castillero, lawyer, former member of the National Council on Foreign Relations. Designed and executed with the Panamanian government the strategy to face the Panama Papers scandal and recuperate image.

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

  8. Study Group with Senator Jeff Flake: The Future of Conservatism

    Wednesday September 25 - 4:30pm

    Week 2: Bush 43 and the burden of conservative governance. 

    The election of Barack Obama. The rise of the tea party, the failure of immigration reform and laying the groundwork for a populist movement.

    Location: Littauer Building (L-150) at the Harvard Kennedy School, 79 JFK St.

  9. The Politics of Difference: Race, Technology, and Inclusion

    Wednesday September 25 - 6:00pm

    This panel brings together Professor Ruha Benjamin, Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Ms. Latoya Peterson and moderator Joan Donovan for a discussion on race, technology, media, and policy to converse on a range of topics from the recent public upheavals over facial recognition technology, increasing integration into police and state surveillance tools, and the manipulation of social media to gain a political advantage.


  10. Pizza and Politics: Who Owns Poverty?: New Ways at Looking at Poverty Elimination

    Wednesday September 25 - 6:00pm


    Martin Burt, Author, Who Owns Poverty?; Founder & CEO, Fundación Paraguaya

    Moderator: Bianca Cordazzo '21

  11. A Conversation with Jim Acosta

    Tuesday October 1 - 6:00pm

    A conversation with CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta and IOP Resident Fellow Alice Stewart on reporting the truth in today’s America.

  12. Pizza and Politics with President Larry Summers

    Thursday October 10 - 6:00pm


    Undergraduate Pizza and Politics discussion with Larry Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor; Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government; and President Emeritus of Harvard University.

    Due to high demand, this event will be lotteried. To enter the lottery, please click here.