Sellers Hill

Sellers Hill
Campaigns and Advocacy Program

My name is Sellers Hill and I am a freshman in Canaday. I am extremely excited and thankful to be chairing the Campaigns and Advocacy Program at the IOP this year. I grew up in Wilmington, NC, a purple part of a purple state, and a town that is experiencing a bit of a reckoning with its past, so I have always been aware of the importance of a single vote or voice. Even so, my interest in politics really developed during my gap year, when I spent three months in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ, managing a Mission for Arizona field office and taking in the diversity and nuance of the local electorate. Although politics is really cool, I also love science communication and how STEM interacts with societal issues, and I plan to concentrate in history and science. Outside of the IOP, I am a junior beat reporter and photographer for The Harvard Crimson. In my free time you'll find me photographing squirrels, running, and playing poker.

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