Sebastián Ramírez Feune

Fellows and Study Groups

Hi! My name is Sebastián Ramírez Feune, and I am a sophomore (Class of 2025) from the San Francisco Bay Area! I live in Dunster House and study Government. I am the Co-Chair of Fellows and Study Groups, which is a program that hosts six residential Fellows (and occasionally a Visiting Fellow) and assigns to them an undergraduate liaison team that helps organize weekly off-the-record study group discussions. Over this coming year, I hope to continue working towards making the IOP an open space for uplifting marginalized voices from diverse communities. In the IOP, I am also the Special Projects Lead for Politics of Race and Ethnicity, a volunteer tutor in the Citizenship Tutoring program, and have previously contributed an article to the Harvard Political Review! Outside of the IOP, I am a member of several cultural groups, including Fuerza Latina and Concilio Latino, and I host my own podcast called Otomí. In my free time, you can find me performing samba classics with my guitar, pandeiro, or cavaquinho!