Lena Lofgren

Lena Lofgren
Women's Initiative in Leadership

My name is Lena Lofgren and I am a member of the Class of 2023 in Cabot House! I am originally from the beautiful town of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and study government and Middle Eastern studies. My interest in politics began in high school when I joined my school’s debate team, which inspired me to build and lead the fellowship program of Mary Gay Scanlon’s congressional race in PA-05, a campaign that I had the privilege of staffing again in 2020 in partnership with the Progressive Turnout Project. I hope to use my experiences and passion for leadership as the chair of WIL this year. I especially look forward to bringing in a diverse array of trailblazing women leaders, both from politics and a wide range of other professional fields, to share their stories and mentor our members. Outside of the IOP, I serve on the Secretariats of HMUN and HMUN Dubai. In my limited but cherished free time, you can catch me binging reality TV (no shame here!!), taking a nap, or playing with my cat, Rascal, the true love of my life.

E-mail Address: llofgren@college.harvard.edu