Kiersten Hash

Diversity and Engagement

My name is Kiersten and I am a junior (Class of 2025) from Charlotte, NC in Adams studying Government and Environmental Science & Public Policy! I am one of the 2024 Directors of Diversity and Engagement at the Institute of Politics, and in this capacity I work to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the IOP. Over the next year, I am looking forward to engaging students from underrepresented backgrounds, building partnerships with initiatives that are promoting equity on and off campus, and highlighting important issues related to DEI within the IOP. Previously I served as the 2022 Advocacy Director of the Harvard Votes Challenge and participated in Politics of Race and Ethnicity and Policy Program. Outside of the IOP, I am the co-chair of the Harvard Undergraduate Black Community Leaders, which convenes all of the Black student organizations at the college, and I am a member of the Harvard Crimson Dance Team. In my free time, I enjoy singing, painting, and listening to music!