Julia High

Harvard Votes Challenge

My name is Julia High, and I am a sophomore (Class of 2026) from Orlando, Florida in Eliot House studying Government. I am one of the Co-Chairs of Harvard Votes Challenge, a non-partisan organization committed to increasing civic participation and voting on campus and in the broader community! Over the next year, I am looking forward to reaching our four 100s: 100% student contact, 100% voter registration, 100% voter turnout, and 100% civic engagement! I served as the Director of Advocacy for HVC this past year and have been a member since my freshman fall. Outside of the IOP, I am an Ethics Committee member of Harvard Tech for Social Good, a volunteer English teacher, and a youth representative for my local League of Women Voters! In my free time, you can find me reading historical fiction, watching Scandal, or cooking new TikTok recipes!