Joseph Jang

Joseph Jang

My name is JJ, and I am a sophomore in Kirkland House pursuing a joint concentration in History of Science and Sociology. I was born in Korea, but grew up in La Crescenta, California. Admittedly, my interest in policy and public service was superficial until I took Dr. Palfrey’s first-year seminar regarding Child Health in America. Since then, I have better understood the capabilities that policy and public service have in driving and creating meaningful change in our communities, and what it really means to be an advocate. I have also always valued an interdisciplinary education as I found approaching my academic interests using multiple disciplines to be extremely rewarding. This year, as the IOP STEAM chair, I hope to make engaging with the interdisciplinary nature of politics just as rewarding for STEAM members as it is for me. Outside of the IOP, I serve as the Secretary of the Asian American Association (AAA) and conduct archival research on the history of pain in children. In my free time, you can catch me surfing Disney+, playing beach volleyball, or cruising to Boston to eat with friends!

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