Grace Bannister

Communications Director

Grace is a member of the Class of 2021 and is a resident of Quincy House. At the College, she studies Government with a secondary in History. Originally from the small town of Logan, West Virginia, Grace joined the IOP her freshman fall as a member of the Harvard Political Union. While remaining a dedicated member of the HPU, Grace has also served as the Director of Online Communications for the Fellows and Study Groups Program, an IOP Organizer for Freshman Engagement, and a liaison for Spring 2018 Fellow, Scott Jennings. As IOP Communication Director, Grace wants act as a “facilitator for opportunity.” Outside of the IOP, Grace serves as the Vice President of both Harvard Republican Club and Network of Enlightened Women. She is also a senior staffer for both of Harvard’s Model UN Conferences. In her free time, Grace can often be found working in Quincy or Lowell Dining Halls, eating Felipe’s nachos at odd hours of the night, or explaining the Second Wheeling Convention to people who probably wish she would stop talking.

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