Eunice Chon

Coalition on Faith and Public Service Chair

My name is Eunice, and I'm a sophomore (Class of 2026) from Macon, Georgia in Kirkland House studying History of Science, Philosophy, and Global Health and Health Policy. I am the Chair of the Coalition on Faith and Public Service, which celebrates the intersection of civic activism and religious identity and activity on campus. This national election year, I am looking forward to highlighting the religious diversity on campus and fostering conscious and challenging conversations on values that divide and unite our nation. 

I also serve as Communications Director of the Harvard Public Opinion Project, and I previously held leadership positions in the Fellows and Study Groups program and Internship and Career Services program. Outside of the IOP, I specialize in working on academic and health policy with administrators at Harvard College, fight for institutional change as an activist in the Harvard Feminist Coalition, Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition, and Harvard Undergraduate Disability Justice Club, and do research at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. You may see me frying chicken tenders at Quincy Grille or attending bible study with the Asian American Christian Fellowship in my free time!