Ethan Johnstone

Ethan Johnstone

My name is Ethan Johnstone, and I am a Sophomore living in San Diego. My love for politics stems from the lessons I learned from my home – I’m from a very big family, and I attended a large public high school in Southern California, so I’ve always been surrounded by diverse range of voices and ideas. At a young age, I saw firsthand how truly powerful diversity is, whether it was organizing a school-wide walkout against gun violence or holding a city-wide voter registration drive. Here at Harvard, I plan on concentrating in government and eventually studying law in the hopes of helping change the U.S.’s broken criminal justice system and give a voice to those without one. Outside of the IOP, I am the Vice Chairman of the Academic Life Committee on the Undergraduate Council, on the board for Harvard's Club Tennis Team, and the Treasurer of the Constitutional Law Society. Ultimately, I hope to bring the many lessons I have learned and my excitement to leave a positive impact on the community to the role of IOP Treasurer.

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