DJ Lacy

DJ Lacy
Co-Director of Special Projects

My name is DJ Lacy, and I am a Junior in Cabot House studying Government. I previously served on the 2020 Executive team as Treasurer and I am looking forward to my new role as Co-Director of Special Projects. Growing up in West Virginia, I have seen firsthand the importance of local government and personal relationships in building community. My love for public service grew out of an appreciation for the personal connections I was able to form. I love being able to see the direct impact of my work, especially within a local community, and I hope to prioritize state and local politics. This year on SAC I am looking forward to working alongside other student leaders to make the IOP feel like home for more students. Additionally, I am interested in new initiatives around issues of financial accessibility and mentorship. Outside of the IOP, I am also involved in PBHA’s Small Claims Advisory Service, as well as Harvard Model Congress. I also work for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative to help recruit high school students to Harvard from rural parts of Appalachia in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, biking, and skiing.

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