Connor Huey

Connor Huey
Diversity and Outreach

My name is Conner Huey and I'm a first-year in Canaday interested in studying Government and History, and I'm so excited to be serving as your Co-Director of Diversity and Outreach! Growing up in an industrial Navy community in the Pacific Northwest, I've witnessed how deeply politics, economics, and geography are intertwined, fostering my passion for creating positive change through politics and community organizing. As such, I'm excited to bring my passion and experience for making politics more inclusive as Co-Director of Diversity and Outreach! Outside of the IOP, I serve as a research assistant with the Government Department, serve on the board for the Small Claims Advisory Service, sing with the Glee Club, and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America International Committee. In my free time you can find me hiking, relaxing with friends, or going down random Wikipedia rabbit holes!

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