Carter Demaray

Spring 2023

My name is Carter Demaray, and I am a sophomore (Class of 2025) from Yankton, South Dakota in Pfoho studying government! I am honored to serve as treasurer of the IOP. As treasurer, I hope to expand access to financial resources for students to make sure that public service is accessible to all no matter their financial background. As a First-Generation and Low Income (FGLI) student, this goal is vital to me. I also hope to continue efforts to create a budget that supports robust community engagement, upskilling, and diversity initiatives.

In the IOP, I previously served as chair of the Harvard Political Union, which serves as a hub for political discourse on campus. I have also served as a first-year ambassador for the IOP and as a member of the Harvard Votes Challenge and the Community Action Committee. Outside of the IOP, I have managed two political campaigns in South Dakota (one for the State House and one for State Senate), worked on a gubernatorial campaign, and have served on the executive board of a statewide political party. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends, listen to copious amounts of music, scroll endlessly through TikTok and Twitter, and placate my nerdy side by producing legislative redistricting maps.