Fellows Application

The Fellows Program is highly selective. Criteria governing selection include significant political, governmental or other public service experience; ability to work well with students, faculty, and colleagues; and the promise of future contribution in public affairs.

How to Apply

There are three steps to completing an application for the fellowship.

  1. Fill out and submit the informational coversheet.
    This can be done by filling out the online application below.
  2. Submit a current biography of yourself. It is helpful to learn about your professional experience. A prose form biography is preferred to a resumé.
  3. Submit a proposed study group outline. If you have more than one idea for a study group please feel welcome to submit more than one.

    Applicants should know that this proposed outline is a rough draft and it is not expected to be perfect. It does help in understanding what subject the candidate would like to treat and the approach to the study group they may take.

Applications for the Spring 2016 Fellowship are due October, 30, 2015.

For further information about becoming an IOP Fellow, please contact Eric Andersen (eric_andersen@hks.harvard.edu) by email or by phone at (617) 496-8475.