IOP Student Leader Among Presidential Public Service Fellows

Former Fellows and Study Groups co-chair Caroline Tervo ’18 was featured by the Harvard Gazette on October 10, 2017 for her work as a Presidential Public Service Fellow. Harvard's Presidential Public Service Fellowship was created by University President Drew Faust seven years ago to fund domestic summer projects that "serve the common good." For Tervo, this meant serving in her home state of North Carolina. Tervo's summer internship in the governor's office focused on researching statewide issues, but was interrupted by emergency situations, such as an environmental crisis in the Cape Fear River.

We are proud of Tervo's work and dedication to public service! Read more about Tervo and other Presidential Public Service Fellows in the Gazette here. And learn more about upcoming Fellowship opportunities.  

“I really care about my state, and it was powerful to me to see, even with all of the things going up against this governor’s office, that there were so many dedicated people committed to being there, people who wanted to make a difference for other people’s lives. That’s the beautiful thing to me about public service.”
— Caroline Tervo ’18