An IOP Love Story

We were so grateful to the IOP, not just for bringing us together, but for introducing us to most of the people who continue to be our closest friends today.
Guillermo Coronado & Elena Lalli Coronado

The Institute of Politics has a proud 50-year history of shaping the future leaders of politics, but it's also a place to find love! In 2002, Guillermo and Elena were students working on the IOP's Bipartisan Program for Newly Elected Members of Congress. They shared their IOP love story with us in the StoryCorps booth at the IOP's 50th anniversary celebration in April 2016.

They met in the IOP student office!
“It’s very rare you find a ‘fascinated’ breakfast receptions coordinator. I remember being in the IOP office upstairs… and seeing you across the office. I can literally picture it," said Guillermo. Guillermo was helping coordinate student volunteers and Elena's enthusiastic application immediately stood out from the pack. 

Special Events: Bringing People Together Since 2002
“We ended up working very closely together on the conference and we basically hit it off right off the bat,” said Guillermo.

During the program, Elena accidentally got on the wrong bus and sat next to Al Franken! “I was so mortified, but everyone was delightful. Such a welcome to Harvard moment for me,” remembered Elena.

The Rest is History
They both stayed involved at the IOP after New Members program; Elena went on to chair the CIVICS program and Guillermo became treasurer of the IOP's Student Advisory Committee (SAC). The two dated throughout college, got engaged a few years after college in the courtyard of Dunster House, and married 6 years ago. “...From flirting at the New Members of Congress conference to today!”

"Being back is such a lovely moment to bring back those memories," said Elena at the 50th celebration in Cambridge. Thank you to Elena and Guillermo for sharing their IOP love story with us! We wish them many more years of happiness.

Listen to Guillermo and Elena tell their story of IOP-found love below: