Get Involved at the IOP this Spring

Today is the first day of spring semester! The IOP is happy to welcome back students to campus and to the IOP. One Wednesday, February 1, the IOP hosts its Open House in the Forum for undergraduate students to learn about the many programs and offerings to get involved with the IOP.

Whether your interest is STEAM, leadership development, or finding an internship, there's an IOP program for that! And if you have lots of time or just an hour a week, there's an IOP program for that too. Read below for a preview of some of the 14 programs the IOP offers Harvard students:

Citizenship Tutoring

“Citizenship offers both rights and duties, but most significantly it serves as a reminder of belonging to a community. I believe that it is the search for this sense of belonging as an American that makes my tutee so motivated to study, learn, and pass her exam. Tutoring serves as a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have citizenship and how much we can do to help others seeking it.” — Chloe Bates ’13 Former Citizenship Tutor

CIVICS Program

“We provide a platform for students to speak their mind, to think critically about the world around them, and to learn how to engage with their communities. It’s a time in the week where the answers aren’t just handed to them, and they aren’t just practicing standards. Students have the opportunity to grapple with some of the major political issues of our nation’s history, from writing the Constitution to the Civil Rights Movement, and I can see the way it changes their outlook week after week.” James Pollack ’14 Former CIVICS Co-President

Community Action Committee

“You can tell people want to make a change: they don’t want the future of politics to look like it does. They want it to be effective; they want to help people; they want to help their communities”Niyat Mulugheta ’16 Former IOP Student Vice President

Women's Initiative in Leadership (WIL)

“WIL [Women’s Initiative in Leadership] was a unique opportunity to learn from unbelievably inspiring women who shared their ideas, dreams and stories about the importance of women in leadership, either from their experience in long outstanding careers or from the young, passionate perspectives.” Nicole Piedra ’13

Harvard Political Review

“Some of my favorite moments in college have come from being at the HPR with my friends debating various political issues--ranging from how to counter terrorism most effectively to whether safe spaces should exist on college campuses. Nothing in life is absolute, and I've appreciated the outlet the HPR has provided for me not only to strengthen my beliefs but also to challenge them through my interactions with fellow members. As I pursue a career in public service, I know that this open mindset will help me be adaptable and flexible.”Joseph Choe ’17 Harvard Political Review Former President

Learn more about the IOP programs here. RSVP to attend the spring 2017 IOP Open House on Facebook.