#EMKLegacy: Celebrating Senator Kennedy

Today the IOP celebrates Senator Edward M. Kennedy's birthday.
Born on February 22, 1932, the Senator's legacy and commitment to public service and young Americans lives on at the IOP and at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. The EMK Institute invites you to share a Senator Kennedy quote or memory using the hashtag #emklegacy


by Julie Schroeder, Executive Assistant to the Director

Senator Edward M. Kennedy was the chairman of the Institute of Politics Senior Advisory Committee board from the IOP’s founding until his death in 2009.  The thing that Caroline Kennedy, John Culver, and anyone else says first about Teddy’s time as Chair is that he never missed a board meeting. Of course, for over 40 years the meetings were scheduled strictly around his calendar! There were a few rare times that he couldn’t make it last minute, but then he would call in and run the meeting via speakerphone! Even when he was very ill, he still phoned into the meetings. And he would tell Caroline Kennedy to mark him as “in attendance.”

He loved most of all the students, and listening to them and hearing their reports.  From year to year, and group to group, the reports sounded similar, but he never tired of hearing from all the different young people and peppering them with questions.

Board members considered it an honor to be asked by Teddy to join the IOP Board.

Sen. John Culver (former chairman of the Senior Advisory Committee board and former IOP interim director) says that during his lifetime, Sen. Kennedy sat on many, many (probably hundreds) of boards… and he never took any more seriously, or was more invested in, than the Institute of Politics. He truly loved this place.