Minorities and the GOP: Why They Need Each Other

T.W. Shannon – Wednesdays at 4:00 PM in L166


A two party system has aided in making America the most prosperous country in the history of the world. Yet when one examines minority trends, they consistently pale in comparison in socio-economic advancement to their white counterparts. While at the same time, minority groups have consistently voted overwhelmingly for one party.

As an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, and an African American who formerly served as Speaker of the House in the reddest state in the union, T.W. Shannon will ensure the objective of this study group is to explore the consequences that have surfaced as a result of minority groups overwhelmingly voting democrat, and how a lack of a two party system has stifled political influence within these groups. Additionally, the study group will examine what major policy decisions have led to such devotion on behalf of these minority groups, and why the current GOP has struggled to connect with these group.

February 15

The Obama Effect: 2016 Presidential and State Elections

The presidency of the first African American symbolized many years of advancement to all Americans. What long term effects will the Obama years have on the minority electorate? How did minority candidates fare overall and who are they?

February 22

The African American Journey...Policy Matters

The African American family has been decimated in America since LBJ’s war on poverty—and not for the better. In the 1950’s out of wedlock birth rates for blacks was 30% and today its 70%. What effect has public policy contributed to this phenomenon.

March 1

This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land: The Native Experience

The reservation system stifled the creativity of Native peoples, and locked many of its victims into a system of generational poverty. How has the reservation culture contributed to the plight of Native American?

March 8

Minority Education Achievement Gaps

African American and Latino American students have continued to trail behind their counterparts in educational achievement. What are solutions to level this playing field and meet the needs of these minority groups?

March 15

Why Raced Based Affirmative Action is Harmful

The premise of Affirmative Action was to level the playing field for minorities. In actuality, these policies have done little to advance minority achievement, and has created a sense of resentment. Why is race based affirmative action a hinderance to minorities.

March 22

Government Regulation Disproportionately Affects Minorities

There are always cost to consumers for burdensome government regulation. This session will examine how minority communities are often disproportionately affected by such regulation.

March 29

Latinos: Beyond the Wall

When the media reports on the Latino electorate, it would appear that the number one issue facing this community is immigration. However, polling continues to prove that there are other issues which take priority over immigration. This session will examine what Latino voters want and expect.

April 5

GOP Image Crisis

The GOP has continuously allowed itself to be defined by some as an exclusive party that is non-welcoming to minorities. What are the reasons for this disparity and what efforts must the party take to change this image?