Study Groups

Study groups present a tremendous opportunity for students to learn informally from leading public servants, political practitioners, journalists, academics, and more. Organized as semester-long, not-for-credit weekly seminars, study groups are hosted by the Institute's Fellows and other distinguished group leaders. Study group topics range from local to global issues, and are offered in a variety of formats, including project-based working groups, skill-building workshops, and traditional Q&A-based discussion groups.

Spring 2017 Study Group Schedule


(4:15–5:45 PM)







Gina McCarthy
Moving EPA Forward in an “Unhealthy” Climate



T.W. Shannon
Minorities and the GOP: Why They Need Each Other

Sarah Hurwitz
Breaking Through: How Political Leaders Communicate with the American People in Today’s Noisy, Fragmented, Polarized Media Environment


Christopher Shays
Inside Congress: The Inconvenient Truth

Jon Finer
In Search of a "Trump Doctrine": Change and Continuity in American Foreign Policy

Gil Kerlikowske
Criminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy, and Border Security

Study Groups begin Tuesday, February 14, 2017 and end April 13th, 2017.
  • All study groups are off-the-record and not for media coverage
  • There are no sessions during spring break March 11-19
To learn more about the Fellows Program, please visit the other pages linked on the top of this page.  You may also view our video in which several former Fellows talk about their experiences.