World Health Organization (Co-Sponsored with the Harvard Global Health Institute)

**Please submit your application through the Harvard Global Health Institute internship application. Applicants do not need to submit an application through the IOP website.**

World Health Organization (WHO) Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Unit, Geneva, Switzerland

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland is the specialized agency within the United Nations (UN) that directs and coordinates international public health. In October 2004, WHO launched its Patient Safety program in an effort to coordinate, disseminate, and accelerate improvements worldwide in patient safety, which is a critical global healthcare issue. The program also provides a vehicle for international collaboration and action between Member States, the Secretariat, technical experts, and consumers, as well as professionals and industry groups. WHO Patient Safety delivers a number of programs covering topics such as safe childbirth checklist, safer primary care, education and training for patient safety, safe surgery, medication safety, patient, family and community engagement for safer health care, global patient safety network.

This internship offers a Harvard undergraduate the opportunity to work directly in the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Unit, under the supervision of the Coordinator Dr Neelam Dhingra. The intern will contribute to one or more projects concerning medication safety, education & training (how to create and promote multidisciplinary teams), the burden of unsafe care (linked to the WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge), safety and quality culture, and patient safety incident reporting and learning (how reporting impacts quality improvement), and heath care risk management. There is potential to continue the work after returning to campus in the fall, in conjunction with faculty at the Harvard Global Health Institute.

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The Dates of this internship are May 15 - August 18.


Geneva, Switzerland
International, Public Health