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The Winston Group is a Republican survey research and strategic communication firm in Washington, D.C.  Candidates should have an interest in public policy and political research.  The Winston Group’s Director’s Internship offers an up-close look at the political consulting world, as well as firsthand experience with political survey research and polling analysis.  Interns will gain exposure to many diverse policy topics and will leave the internship with a fuller understanding of the intersection between political strategy and policy outcomes.  Director’s Interns will have a wide area of responsibility in our small firm: providing support in drafting poll questions, focus group scripts and analysis papers, updating accurate polling databases, and general administrative support.  A background in statistics is helpful (though by no means required).  Computer skills involving Microsoft Office are essential; additional skills in working with Apple computers, Keynote, Final Cut, web design, and Photoshop are recommended but not required.

2016 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at The Winston Group, a D.C. Republican political consulting firm specializing in the field of survey research. The firm has worked with many high-profile clients--both in government and in the private sector--and is involved with not only client projects but also regular research into American public opinion. Interning in a tight-knit boutique firm like the Winston Group provided an incredibly rich internship experience full of variety and substance. I was tasked with a spectrum of responsibilities, spanning from the comparatively elementary (albeit important), such as quote validation and administrative data entry, to more challenging and stimulating assignments including research and independent, long-term projects. For a particular project on the intersection of game theory with attitude formation in political campaigns, I worked directly with the head of the firm himself.

Another welcome consequence of the Winston Group's small-sized team was its open and social office culture. My coworkers at the firm were some of the most intelligent and friendly individuals I have ever met. They were always eager to engage in conversation and more than willing to share both a passion for politics and an infectious sense of humor.

Anyone who is interested in the fields of political consulting, strategic communications or polling would find an ideal learning experience at the Winston Group. It is, without a doubt, a highly intern-friendly organization, replete with support and mentorship. 

Steven Hao '18

2015 Intern Reflection:

Working at the Winston Group -- a small firm in Washington, DC that focuses on survey research and polling analysis -- this summer has been a fantastic experience. I've gotten the opportunity to do substantive work on a variety of projects that the Winston Group's been working on, by editing and writing reports for clients, updating databases of survey results, and doing research on public policy issues. I even got the opportunity to spearhead my own research project, by creating a database of questions from the 2012 Presidential primary debates and using SPSS software to analyze how well the questions matched up with our survey data of what voters actually wanted to hear about.  I wrote an in-depth report that actually ended up being published, which was awesome; I hadn't expected that I'd be able to do so much real, substantive work in my first internship.

The staff at the Winston Group is wonderful, and they've really gone out of their way to help me learn more about the world of political research. Working here has been phenomenal way to spend my first Harvard summer, and I have no doubt that I'll use many of the skills that I've learned here in whatever career path I end up choosing.

Nida Ansari '18


Washington, D.C.
Advocacy/Policy, Research, Think Tank/Strategy