Vox.com is a general interest digital newsmagazine built for the 21st century with a simple mission — explain the news. Founded in spring 2014 by Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, and Matthew Yglesias we've enjoyed explosive growth and are read by over 20 million unique visitors per month less than a year after launch. 

The overall spirit of Vox is that everyone does a little bit of almost everything, and Director's Interns can expect some of the same. Our team is organized into coverage pods, each led by a senior editor, and you will embed with one of them (which one will depend a bit on your experience and our schedules) for the summer. Responsibilities will include helping out with research and catching breaking news in need of quick writeups, but will also afford the opportunity to pitch and execute your own ideas once you've gotten your sea legs. 

Our overall range of coverage is extremely broad, from Taylor Swift to tax scoring but the heart of the project is explaining complicated topics in ways that are accessible without being dumbed down. What you'd cover will depend in part on the news and in part on what you're knowledgeable about. The good news is our team is growing fast and our ambitions are huge, so the opportunities for someone who does great work are extremely large. 


Key Qualifications

• Excellent writing skills

• Team spirit

• Eagerness to experiment

• Fluency in the conventions of the modern web

Washington, D.C.
Communications/Press, Research