Founded by Harvard IOP polling director and recent Harvard undergraduate, SocialSphere builds software that allows organizations of all kinds the ability to measure - and influence - public opinion in real-time in most every country in the world.  Whether the data is used to influence presidential elections, persuade citizens the value of a public policy, predict box office or to target products to consumers — SocialSphere’s data-driven communication tools are a unique combination of access to the Facebook, Twitter and other social network firehoses, proprietary databases, predictive algorithms and a world-class team of Harvard-based strategists ready to ensure that every client and use case is poised for success. As a Director’s Intern, you will work closely with our founders and our team of analysts in order to provide insights and strategies that our clients will use to improve engagement and communication with their key audiences.


2015 Director's Intern Reflection:

SocialSphere is a social media data analytics company located in Harvard Square that uses information from Twitter (and soon Facebook) to help connect their clients to broader audiences on social networks. Because of its focus on social media, SocialSphere's office atmosphere is one of innovation and collaboration among all of its employees, with interns working alongside top analysts and the founders to bring a variety of projects to life.  I've had the opportunity to take a hands-on role in several projects; working with organizations like Universal, MSNBC, and the MBTA on projects from conducting customer satisfaction surveys to gauging public opinion of presidential candidates to helping plan advanced screenings for soon-to-be-released films.  Everyone in the office makes an effort to make sure I feel like part of the team, and there are constantly opportunities to leave a mark on projects.

Often fast-paced and high-stakes, SocialSphere is at the cutting edge of social media analytics and is an incredibly exciting place to work.  The work I'm doing this summer is meaningful and purposeful, and has application in any field, including politics. I have picked up a unique skill set from being here that I know will serve me well in the future!

Allyson Perez '17

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

 This summer I am a Summer Analyst at SocialSphere, a social media analytics and consulting company. At SocialSphere, we work for an incredibly diverse group of clients, from the Boston Globe to FIFA, and advise them on how to engage with and empower their most influential customers or fans. To do so, we collect data from Twitter and other social media using specialized software, and from the general public using conventional polling methods. 

I started at SocialSphere in early June and came in at a very exciting time for the company, which was expanding its client base and developing a lot of new products. As a Summer Analyst, I am in charge of several projects of magnitude, as well as tasked with important day-to-day tasks. On a typical day, I check our Influencers Pulse, which measures the amount of online buzz generated by a particular political topic, and tag any relevant spikes in the online conversation. This information is fed to the Boston Globe website and must be updated at least three times a day. I also spend a lot of time working on larger projects, like building a database of 100,000 influential voters in Massachusetts, or manipulating our polling data to follow the MA governor's race on a weekly basis. For the most part, I am put in charge of these and report directly to the CEO of the company. This internship allows me to take the lead on meaningful and challenging assignments while allowing me to expand my statistical and analytical skills. Anyone interested in polling, statistics, social media, or marketing should highly consider this position.

Patrick Steeves '16

2013 Director's Intern Reflection:

This summer, I'm working at SocialSphere, a company that focuses on using social media analytics to provide practical strategies and consulting tips to its customers. Despite being a 2-month intern, I worked with the CEO John Della Volpe from Day 1 and continued to work with employees of all rankings on a daily basis.

The work and analysis that I conduct for SocialSphere ranges from day to day but generally revolves around engaging and monitoring social media accounts (particularly Twitter) and providing metrics and analyses of fans and influential users to these companies. Due to the real-time nature of our work, the timeliness of our reports is very crucial; additionally, this speaks to why the work changes from day to day. Office collaboration is extremely important, and every single project that I have worked on has been in a group with others in the office, whether they be interns or full-time employees. I recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in either technology and the expansion of social media in both the marketing and communications industry as well as those who are interested in building their analytics and statistics skill set.

Rebecca Hu '16

Boston, MA / Cambridge, MA