Sanctuary for Families

Sanctuary for Families

Sanctuary for Families is New York’s leading service provider for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and related forms of gender violence. Sanctuary works to end gender violence through three key areas: direct service; outreach, education, and training; and systems-change advocacy. Every year, Sanctuary empowers thousands of adults and children to move from fear and abuse to safety and stability, transforming lives through a comprehensive range of services.


Sanctuary for Families seeks a motivated individual who is committed to supporting victims of gender violence and dedicated to achieving justice for women. The Director’s Intern will assist the Courtroom Advocates Project (CAP) and the Immigration Intervention Project (IIP).


The Courtroom Advocates Project (CAP) is an innovative project at Sanctuary for Families that helps victims of domestic violence escape abuse by providing them with advocates when they enter Family Court seeking legal protection against their abusers. CAP recruits, trains, supervises, and mentors hundreds of students every year who assist domestic violence victims by helping them draft and file their petitions, advocating for them during court appearances, educating them about their legal rights and remedies, and providing them with safety planning and referrals to community resources, such as shelters and counseling.


The Immigration Intervention Project (IIP) provides outreach, advocacy, and direct legal representation to immigrant victims of domestic and other forms of gender violence, including sex trafficking, in order to help them formalize their immigration status and access their rights in the United States.  In addition to providing direct legal representation and related legislative advocacy work to further the rights of our clients, IIP strongly believes in informing and empowering potential clients and the public about the legal rights and immigration relief available to immigrant victims of gender violence.  To this end, IIP closely collaborates with a wide spectrum of community-based organizations, religious institutions, schools, and hospitals in the New York City metropolitan area. 


The Director’s Intern will work closely with CAP and IIP. The intern will assist the CAP attorneys with case work and preparation for court. This may include assistance with client interviews; accompaniment of clients and attorneys to court; drafting petitions for orders of protection; coordinating, attending, and participating in CAP training sessions; and providing general support to the project. The Director’s Intern will also assist IIP attorneys with their client work.  This may include participating in case work, which includes immigration legal representation to foreign-born victims of domestic violence, gender violence, and sex trafficking; being involved in legislative advocacy on issues impacting Sanctuary’s immigrant clients; and assisting with outreach and presentations to immigrant communities.

Sanctuary recognizes advocacy work as critically important to changing the social and institutional frameworks that perpetuate gender violence. Our advocacy has led to the passage of life-saving city and state-level legislation, and changed policies affecting our clients at major governmental agencies. In addition to the direct service work provided through CAP and IIP, the Director’s Intern will have the chance to join Sanctuary’s agency-wide working groups to help craft and implement the agency’s policy campaigns in areas including campus sexual assault, electronic exploitation, and forced marriage. These campaigns will see Sanctuary staff, supporters, and survivor-leaders advocate for improved policies and legislation.

New York City, NY
Advocacy/Policy, Education