São Paulo Pela Primeiríssima Infância (Co-sponsored by the Center on the Developing Child and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies)


Located at the São Paulo State Department for Social Development & Social Assistance in São Paulo, Brazil, the primary focus for this internship will be to support São Paulo Pela Primeiríssima Infância, an initiative that works with municipalities throughout São Paulo state to create multi-sectoral government structures to promote and strengthen early childhood development. The Primeiríssima Infância program has served as a national example of successful early childhood interventions and has been scaled to more than 100 municipalities throughout the state.

Building on the national Legal Framework for Early Childhood (Marco Legal da Primeira Infância), sanctioned in March 2016, Brazil’s federal government recently announced plans to implement a new social program known as Criança Feliz (Happy Child). With this new federal program and an existing state program in place, the IOP Director’s Internship will immerse a Harvard undergraduate student in the complexity and challenges of coordinating federal and state social policy with local contexts and municipal-level implementation. The selected candidate will work under the Coordinator of Primeiríssima Infância and advance projects that suit his or her abilities and interests.

This internship is an excellent opportunity for students interested in social policy, public management, and/or politics. It will be of special interest to students who are passionate about reducing poverty and inequality through public services such as education, public health, and social assistance. This internship will be best suited for students who have advanced verbal and written communication skills in Portuguese, are socially and culturally conscious, are flexible, self-motivated, possess strong collaboration skills, and are comfortable working under varied levels of supervision. 




São Paulo, Brazil
Federal /State and Local Government, International, Public Health