Republican National Committee

Internships are available within each of the RNC's divisions. Please indicate in your application which divisions you are interested in interning with: 

Departments at the RNC:

Chairman’s Office: The Chairman’s Office consists of the RNC Chairman, Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer and their supporting staff. This department oversees all aspects of the Republican National Committee with regards to media, financial decisions, meeting with outside individuals, organizations and elected officials. These decisions are made fully to further support the Republican Party to further the party’s message and elect republicans into office at all levels of government.

Co-Chair’s Office:
The Co-Chairman leads the outreach program. The outreach program identifies and trains local Republican activists and gets them involved in the RNC’s grassroots operation. The Co-Chairman supports the state and local parties through actively traveling to events and visiting Victory Offices.

Counsel’s Office:
The office of the General Counsel is responsible for providing the RNC’s day-to-day legal support. Their primary responsibilities include: providing internal legal support for contract negotiations, litigation, insurance and liability issues. The Counsel’s office oversees our required filings with the FEC.

Press Office:
The Communications division promotes the policies of the Republican Party, utilizing all the available communications resources to reach and inform the local and national media. The department is broken into 4 divisions to maximize the response and coverage of our message: Research, Regional, Outreach, and Radio/TV.

Research serves as the political research center for the RNC and RNC surrogates, campaigns, and state Republican parties. Research works directly with both national and regional media, providing reporters and producers with research information used both on and off the record in news accounts across the country. The team also acts as a resource for virtually every RNC publication and document, providing research for and fact-checking speeches, statements, web ads, magazine articles, etc.

The data division at the RNC is a pillar of the Republican campaign arm. They are responsible for not only ingesting any data that is available but also relaying the data to some of the most important influencers in Republican politics. The Data team has a very special skill set that allows them to transform data into an ingestible format for the average person. Their work never goes unnoticed, as they help drive decisions in every department, field operation decision and purchasing decision within the RNC and beyond. The political department’s entire infrastructure was built off the data that the Data team built, used, analyzed and executed. They have had the fortunate experience of being able to do this for the last 20 years and perfected this process in order to elect the next Republicans to office.

The Digital Department is responsible for some of the GOP’s most important work, including fundraising, email communications, social media, online get out the vote efforts, and graphic design. As the department that communicates most directly with constituents and has the ability to reach millions of citizens through email and social media platforms, the Digital Department plays an important role in connecting the GOP to the American people.

The RNC’s Technology Department is responsible for prototyping, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining digital products for the RNC. The team consists of software engineers specializing in cyber security, web development and data science. Active products include all entities under and the RNC API that processed over 2 billion data requests in the 2016 election cycle.
Member Services:
For the RNC to function properly, the connection between its 168 elected members and its headquarters activities and staff must be a strong one. The Member Services division is responsible for making sure those lines of communication are always open. In addition, the division organizes member events and the RNC’s major annual meetings.

The mission of the Political division is to train candidates and campaign managers as well as to increase the general number of operatives available to help on campaigns around the country. No matter how much technology changes, the importance of grassroots campaigning remains the same. Successful campaigns are built from the ground up. Volunteer recruitment, voter registration, voter contacts and Election Day turnout operations are crucial to the success of every campaign. Political also helps state parties refocus on building their local city/county
organization. They offer enhanced help and expertise in party building, state party operations including state finance plans, legislative races, political training and education.

The Finance division is responsible for the RNC’s fundraising efforts and lays the groundwork for a successful election cycle. By working closely with major donors as well as conducting direct mailings, the Finance division provides the necessary support to ensure a Republican victory.

2014 Intern Reflection:

I worked in the Digital and Data department of the Republican National Committee.  The department is structured like an incubation program within the RNC so it feels like a startup, complete with swivel chairs, whiteboard walls, and even a ping pong table.  The staffers are young and energetic and encouraged to challenge the status quo with their ideas.

I worked on the Data side, which focuses on election and voter data collection, analysis, and modeling.  In addition to gathering election data from the summer primaries to help with voter micro-targeting, I coded a utility to help automate this process.  Time is of the essence on election night, so a tool that frequently pulls election data from all 50 states as the data arrives could provide an early notification of a possible recount or runoff.  I also worked on a web scraper to help our social media marketing team automate some of their data collection process.

Outside of work the RNC provides interns with many opportunities.  For instance, we participated in Intern Campaign School and learned all about political operations and campaigns in the twenty-first century.  Each week the interns have lunch with a department director and hear about that department’s strengths and challenges.  We had tours of the Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Washington Monument.  Finally, the RNC fields a softball team that is currently undefeated and first in DC with an 8-0-0 record.  Last week we played the DNC, winning 14-7.  And later the interns took on the staff.  These educational and fun events create a convivial work environment and develop camaraderie among the interns.

- Daniel Leichus '16

Washington, D.C.
Federal /State and Local Government, Think Tank/Strategy