Republican National Committee

** Applicants to the Director’s Internship program must also complete the RNC Internship application at, and submit it with your Statement of Interest in CARAT by Thursday, Feb 22, 2018. Please note the RNC application requires two letters of recommendation.**

The Republican National Committee is seeking interns to work at the national headquarters in Washington, DC this summer.

The program runs May 30 - August 3, 2018 with full time positions available in all departments:

- Chairman’s Office 
- Co-Chairman’s Office 
- Counsel’s Office
- Press Office
- Research
- Digital
- Data
- Tech
- Finance
- Member Services
- Political
- IT/Network Operations
- Constituent Services

In your statement of interest, please specify which departments you are interested in interning with.

The program runs May 30 - August 3, 2018.

2016 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the privilege of working in the Digital and Data Department at the Republican National Committee (RNC). The Digital Department’s offices at RNC HQ on Capitol Hill resemble that of a tech startup with an open floor plan, standing desks, whiteboard walls, voice command televisions, and glassed-in conference rooms. The people who work in the office are almost all under the age of 30, making it an easily adaptable environment for interns.

During my time at the RNC, I spent worked mostly with the digital advertising team. At first, interns work on general tasks to help the department run smoothly. Over time, each intern is given the opportunity to work on projects and teams more suited to their interests. In my case, I was able to work with the digital ad team. Over the course of the summer, I got my Google AdWords certification, analyzed advertising and donor data, created data visualization tools, and even made ads that were run by the RNC.

In addition to the exciting work, the RNC also provided me with a multitude of interesting opportunities. Whether it be getting free tickets to the Congressional Baseball game, having lunch with the teams from Google and Twitter, meeting with Chairman Priebus and RNC department heads, going to the National Convention in Cleveland, or just watching Paul Ryan walk by my office door, there was never a dull moment. Working at the RNC has been an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to those with a passion for politics.

Kent Haeffner '18

2014 Intern Reflection:

I worked in the Digital and Data department of the Republican National Committee.  The department is structured like an incubation program within the RNC so it feels like a startup, complete with swivel chairs, whiteboard walls, and even a ping pong table.  The staffers are young and energetic and encouraged to challenge the status quo with their ideas.

I worked on the Data side, which focuses on election and voter data collection, analysis, and modeling.  In addition to gathering election data from the summer primaries to help with voter micro-targeting, I coded a utility to help automate this process.  Time is of the essence on election night, so a tool that frequently pulls election data from all 50 states as the data arrives could provide an early notification of a possible recount or runoff.  I also worked on a web scraper to help our social media marketing team automate some of their data collection process.

Outside of work the RNC provides interns with many opportunities.  For instance, we participated in Intern Campaign School and learned all about political operations and campaigns in the twenty-first century.  Each week the interns have lunch with a department director and hear about that department’s strengths and challenges.  We had tours of the Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Washington Monument.  Finally, the RNC fields a softball team that is currently undefeated and first in DC with an 8-0-0 record.  Last week we played the DNC, winning 14-7.  And later the interns took on the staff.  These educational and fun events create a convivial work environment and develop camaraderie among the interns.

Daniel Leichus '16

Washington, D.C.
Federal /State and Local Government, Think Tank/Strategy, Elected Officials