Come join the Quorum development team next summer! Named the top D.C. startup to watch in 2016, Quorum has been called the “Google for Congress” by the Huffington Post and described as the “Moneyball Effect on K Street” by the Washington Post. Summer interns will build features to improve the understanding and accessibility of the legislative process that will be used by the House Majority Leader, House Democratic Whip, The United Nations Foundation, Toyota, General Motors, The First Focus Campaign for Children, Esty, and the Club for Growth. Applicants should have taken at least CS50/CS51/CS124 or equivalent by the start of the internship. Having completed previous  internships in tech and having experience with either Django or the Reach front-end ecosystem is a plus. Quorum was founded in 2013 by two Harvard roommates and won the Harvard Innovation Challenge and the IOP’s Gov 2.0 grant.

2017 Intern Reflection:

Intering at Quorum is an amazingly rewarding experience; its unique start-up culture allows you to interact closely with extremely knowledgeable co-workers both on and off work, and to see your code have a definite impact on the product. Through this internship, I am learning about not only the technical skills such as working with databases, data scraping/management, and pythonic programming, but also leading a successful start-up as well as the structure and processes within congress and the political sphere in DC. It truly is the perfect opportunity to take the technical skills from school and apply it in a more practical setting, on top of meeting many brilliant people and exploring the city. I came into the job not quite knowing what to expect, but I have quickly realized that working at Quorum will be one of the most fulfilling summer experiences I will ever have.

Peter Lee '19 

2016 Intern Reflection:

Working at Quorum has offered me opportunities that are quite unusual for summer interns both professionally and socially. Within my first few weeks of starting at the company, I had already written code that was pushed to and used by real clients. I was responsible for producing work that I would not have been immediately permitted to do had I chosen to work at a larger, more established company. This is the nature of working at a start-up, but also a function of the culture of Quorum at large. Working here is very rewarding for those who value exercising creativity and taking initiative in their work. Furthermore, as a company that has barely any employees over 25 years of age, there is a vibrant and fun social environment outside of work. Knowing everybody in the company by name creates a strong sense of community, and living in DC rivals that of any city I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Will Deuschle '18

Working at Quorum has allowed me to gain valuable coding experience in a fast-paced and fun startup environment. Interns are treated like full-time employees and therefore have the chance to actually impact the development of the website. As a member of the front-end team this summer, I am working to improve the user’s experience interacting with the site. Through the projects I have worked on, I have learned a new Javascript framework as well as obtained many practical design skills. Furthermore, the company successfully fosters a sense of camaraderie among its employees through daily group dinners and various social events. I have enjoyed working with people who are passionate about making a difference in the political scene in DC, and it has been a fantastic experience working for Quorum.

Eela Nagaraj '17


Washington, D.C.
Technology, Research, Data/Analytics