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PRECISION seeks an intern in our Washington, D.C. office. Our staff will work closely with our interns, exposing them to high-level work for a broad spectrum of clientele. Interns will provide support across the three teams of our firm—Organizational & Campaign Management, Communications, and Digital—assisting our work for clients ranging from domestic and foreign political campaigns, large tech companies, big American brands, movie studios, social movements, and more. 

Interns will be responsible for, but not limited to, conducting research, helping in communication strategy and media monitoring, copywriting for digital platforms, digital outreach and administrative tasks. Candidates must have exceptional written and verbal communications  skills, be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, be comfortable working in both a group and independently, have strong research skills and demonstrate a strong ability to think creatively.

*Candidates may be asked to submit a writing sample after applying*

2017 Intern Reflection:

Precision Strategies is a communications and political strategy firm based in Washington D.C., and with an office in New York City. Founded by three campaign veterans, Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon and Teddy Goff, Precision seeks to apply innovate strategy in communications, campaigns and digital to the public and private sector. Current clients are varied, from advocacy groups to, to foreign and domestic campaigns, to large corporations. As an intern, I have been assigned to both short term and longer running projects, including research and analysis, drafting briefings, and media monitoring for clients. In addition, all interns are responsible for compiling daily media clips in the morning. The wide array of projects I have worked on so far have given me real insights into the work that Precision does for their clients, and the current communications landscape as a whole. The work is exciting and fast paced and I have gotten the opportunity to interact with many of the senior associates. 

The four year old firm has about 40 employees in the DC office, but it still retains a close-knit feel. In addition to working on projects, interns take part in mini seminars with different team members to learn all of the services Precision offers to clients. I would recommend applying for this internship to anyone interested in political consulting and the intersection between communications, organizational and campaign management, and digital strategy.  

Sam Heyward '18

2015 Intern Reflection:

Precision Strategies is a communications and strategy consulting firm that was founded by campaign veterans Jen O’Malley Dillon, Stephanie Cutter and Teddy Goff. The firm applies the principles of successful, innovative campaigns to organizations and individuals in both the public and private sectors. While not strictly political, Precision does have a strong Democratic foundation. Projects at Precision vary a lot because of the diversity of their client base, ranging from consulting on long term corporate social responsibility for a major bank, to advising the technology industry on trade legislation, to helping advocacy groups gain traction in the lead up to 2016. I was mostly assigned short term projects such as developing press lists, putting together briefings, drafting deliverables, and general research or analysis. Interns are also responsible for media monitoring throughout the summer, including sending a news clips package each morning. There was almost no busywork - we were really given ownership over what we produced and it was clear how much the team members appreciated our contributions. 

The firm is still quite small, with about 40 people spread across offices in New York City and Washington D.C. Most of the staff is young and so the office has a really fun atmosphere, with weekly team lunches and monthly happy hours. The team member in charge of the intern program was incredibly friendly and a really valuable resource for navigating different projects and responsibilities. It is a fast paced work environment, with everyone juggling multiple clients, events, and breaking news. I was able to work with most of the associates and principals, who were all incredibly welcoming and eager to loop me in on projects. Everyone at Precision comes to the firm with experience and expertise in their field, so I found the internship to be an amazing opportunity to learn about different career paths and build relationships. I also think I have gained valuable hard skills and insight into the field of national politics. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in campaigns, digital strategy, or general communications.

Katherine Hebb '16

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

Precision Strategies was founded with the belief that the principles used on political campaigns can be applied to a wide variety of clients and situations, and I constantly saw this during my internship. Precision has a mixture of clients including corporations, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns. As an intern, I helped with projects for a variety of clients, as projects came up. This gave me the opportunity to learn about all of Precision's clients, the work we did for them, and the three "buckets" of work that Precision provides: digital strategy, messaging and communications, and grassroots organizing. Because projects came up daily, I was kept busy and felt that I was being useful to the firm. I could also see how my work fit into the greater work for the project and was gratified to know that my work was influential.  The type of work I typically did included research, media monitoring and analysis, and synthesizing research and reports. Interns also have to compile media clips that mention clients every morning before arriving at work. 

During my internship, the firm was small--around 15-20 employees in the DC office--which allowed me to get to know everyone in the office and hear about all the types of work Precision was doing. Everyone is young and very friendly and the office has a fun vibe, which made it a great place to work. The two employees who supervised interns always checked on how manageable our workload was and how we were liking the internship. Their attention to our internship experience made a big difference in making us feel that our work was meaningful but also that we were learning and were not overwhelmed. I highly recommend Precision for anyone who wants to learn about political consulting, politics in the private sector, and/or Precision's three "buckets" of expertise. 

Valentina Perez '15

Washington, D.C.
Think Tank/Strategy, Research, Communications/Press