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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the predominant news outlet in Western Pennsylvania, Director’s Intern will perform front-line journalistic tasks, whether they are assigned to the news desk, sports, the arts or business and finance. This is not an observation or clerical position; it is action-oriented, and the Director’s Intern may write 30 or more stories including a handful of front-page stories.

The Pittsburgh Post­ Gazette summer intern program is one of the largest in the nation, offering more than 25 motivated students an opportunity to gain experience as working journalists in the competitive, professional environment of a 24/7 newsroom. The Post-Gazette organizes some intern events, including trips to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece; to the Pittsburgh Symphony; and to the Pittsburgh Pirates ballgames. Pittsburgh is a surprising city to outsiders, with flourishing arts and sports events, vibrant neighborhoods, exceedingly affordable restaurants and housing. The summer internships are aimed at undergraduate students who have had previous journalism experience or training and want to pursue a career in the field.

Summer interns work full­time as reporters, web and copy editors, photographers, artists or multimedia producers for 10 to 13 weeks, supervised and evaluated by editors and mentored by veteran staffers. Interns are expected to participate in PG­ sponsored orientation sessions, weekly professional­development workshops, field trips and social events.

The ideal interns come prepared to write a breaking news story; shoot a video; interview a public official or corporate executive; pitch enterprise ideas; and work collaboratively on a projects team. They must be digitally savvy, meet deadlines and take direction.

**Interns are required to have  a valid U.S. driver’s license at the time of application and a good driving record.**




2015 Director's Intern Reflection:

At the Post-Gazette, I have rotated on three departments–local news, editorial, and arts and entertainment–learning much about the different kinds of writing that find their way into a general-readership publication. Feedback on my work has been geared to making me a more effective communicator, and my editors have sat with me and explained how even the smallest things might be fine-tuned to better drive home the point. It's been an intellectual treat and a thrill. For the editorial page, I wrote a personal essay about the Supreme Court's recent same-sex marriage decision. Reviewing an exhibit of women's photography from the Middle East, I grappled with the politics of art. And on one reporting assignment, I rode in a vintage 1930s airplane.

Daniel Solomon '16

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

Working with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's editorial board was an excellent experience for me. I was writing editorials on my first day for a paper with a daily circulation of 170,000. There's no coffee fetching at this internship, but expect numerous cups headed your way from any of the kind and dedicated journalists on staff here. While at the Post-Gazette, no opportunity is out of reach — if you're willing to pitch a story in any section, an editor is willing to hear it.

The editorial board meets twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to decide our agenda for the day and discuss our opinions with the publisher. Here, I am treated like a full-fledged member of the board, am expected to turn out just as much as the other writers, and my work is held to the same exacting standard as theirs. But I have the privilege of working with kind, capable and supportive editors at every level.

In addition to a number of unsigned editorials I have written that argue the position of the editorial board as a whole, I was given the chance to write signed op-ed pieces and book reviews — something I had never done and found myself to greatly enjoy. Pittsburgh also happens to be a great city to live in with a lot of things to do. I am confident that few journalism internships can be as enriching or nurturing as one at the Post-Gazette.

Idrees Kahloon '16

2013 Director's Intern Reflection:

An intern at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette can expected to be treated like a regular staff writer from the day that they begin. I have been put to work writing stories daily for the paper’s print and online editions. I started work in the editorial section for four weeks, where I pitched and wrote staff editorials on national and local topics daily. The rest of my internship was spent on the city news desk, where I write local news story each day.

Interns here should be ready to take advantage of the freedom they will be given to shape and make the most of their experiences. Interns are given ample opportunity to propose and write their own story ideas, which I have taken advantage of to cover events and trends in Pittsburgh that interest me. An energetic intern will never find herself without a project to work on: Editors from every desk of the paper are eager to accept work from an intern in search of an assignment. Moving between desks is not only easy, it is encouraged. The thoughtful and generous Post-Gazette staff are committed to offering interns a full range of experiences in newspaper production. I have made friends with a number of staff members inside and outside work, who are interested in and excited to help young journalists.

Marina Bolotnikova ‘14



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