Partnership for Public Service

Partnership for Public Service

Recognized as one of the Best NonProfit Organizations to Work For by The NonProfit Times and as a Top Place to Work by the Washington Post, The Partnership for Public Service ( is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. We lead proactive efforts to make the federal government more effective. We convene stakeholders from across the public and private sectors to solve critical management challenges, and we work with federal agencies, Congress and the administration to deliver results.

As a Partnership intern, you would play a critical role in our work with agencies and colleges/universities to build a pipeline of talent into the federal government. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders, such as university administrators, faculty and staff, and government employees. There may be additional opportunities to assist with the Partnership’s work to develop strong government leaders and/or supporting transformational efforts across the federal government.

Duties will be tailored to specific interests and organizational needs; these may include: researching and developing new materials and resources, writing articles and blogs, presenting webinars, and assisting with event planning and program management. Specific responsibilities will be determined based on candidates’ interests, skills and availability. The Partnership for Public Service is a perfect fit for interns interested in gaining a broad understanding of the federal government, developing/honing marketable skills and learning how a fast-paced nonprofit organization works.

2016 Intern Reflection:

The Partnership for Public Service is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a two-fold mission: to transform the way the federal government works and to inspire a new generation to serve. In my role on the Partnership’s Education & Outreach team, I focus on the second half of that mission, working to connect undergraduate and graduate students with meaningful careers in the public sector. No day is the same on the E&O team—one week we’ll be preparing for a workshop with federal agencies on using social media to recruit young talent, and the next we’ll be live-casting a webinar to 20 universities across the country on how to apply for federal jobs. The people here are as interesting, engaging, and varied as the work. From diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives, the staff is united by a belief in the importance of effective government.

One of the most rewarding parts of the experience so far has been the number of resources and points of contact the Partnership gives its fellows. We have weekly meetings for the whole cohort of fellows, with a rotation of two different fellows facilitating the 35-person meeting, and two presenting on their summer projects each week. This gives us all a chance to practice our meeting-management and public speaking skills. In addition to our Supervisor, who is directly in charge of assigning projects, we also have a Buddy, someone from another team who was matched with us based on similar interests. Much like a PAF, they have money to take us out to coffee and talk about anything work-related or otherwise. Throughout the summer, we also have seminars on topics such as project management, office etiquette, and interview prep. This internship has been rewarding on so many levels, and it has been a privilege to be the E&O Fellow at the Partnership this summer.    

Emily Kantor '17

2015 Intern Reflection:

Eyebrows typically raise when I tell people what the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service does – it helps government serve the needs of the Americans by strengthening the civil service and the systems that support it. Quite an ambitious goal for an organization of nearly 100 people and only 14 years of age, but considering the work they've done thus far, it’s mind-boggling what the Partnership has accomplished and what they plan to do in the future. From successfully championing 31 pieces of Congressional legislation to launching a program to better prepare administrations and their presidential appointees to lead government from day one to preparing federal leaders to deliver results through its leadership programs, the Partnership is always at the forefront of offering holistic and substantive reforms that our government needs.

The Partnership believes that "good government starts with good people" to which I am surrounded by. They take said sentiment very seriously; refreshingly nonpartisan with a warm and inclusive corporate culture that is focused around building strong interpersonal relationships with ample opportunities for professional and personal development, I found myself after the first week not wanting to be anywhere else for the summer. My supervisor meets with me regularly to make sure I am enjoying my experience, am participating in projects that peak my interest and compliment my skill set, while also offering feedback on my performance. In the Education & Outreach division, I have an incredibly diverse work portfolio all with the common thread of inspiring and hiring mission critical talent so needed across agencies within the federal government. My favorite part of the internship, other than incredible work I am tasked with doing, and the free food that seems to always magically appear, is the people. Hailing from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, the staff and other fellows at the Partnership are friendly, outgoing, fun, immensely talented and interesting, joined together despite very different backgrounds all driven by the same calling to improve our government and the lives of others. Every day I feel so privileged and honored to be at the Partnership and I could not more highly recommend this Director’s Internship. 

Michael Richard '17





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