The New Republic

Founded in 1914, The New Republic began its life as a journal of opinion that aimed to address the challenges of a new era. For more than 100 years, we have championed progressive ideas and questioned popular opinion. Today, we provide a provocative mix of informed political analysis, insightful cultural commentary, and deep reporting on the most pressing issues of the day.

Intern Responsibilites:

  • Copy editing stories
  • Conducting research for the editors
  • Ocassionally undertaking¬†administrative and organizational tasks.

Ideal candidates for our summer internship should have experience writing about the news quickly and on deadlin. Studentswith at least one year writing for a campus publication or an internship with another publication are preferred.

2015 Intern Reflection:

My time at The New Republic has been very interesting and worthwhile. I feel very honored to be at this publication, and I am trying to get everything out of this experience I can. There are office tasks that it is my responsibility to do, such as mailing print issues and opening and shelving books, but I get to spend a lot of my time on the editorial side. I have written a few pieces that have been published online. The editors really encourage interns to write, and if anything I feel that I should be writing even more than I am already. The opportunity to pitch stories has been a great one, and it has been a nice balance between pitching and people assigning stories to me.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time copyediting online pieces and researching for other writers. Given the news this summer, it has been an interesting experience to be in a newsroom during events like the ruling on same-sex marriage and the tragedy of the terrorist attack against the black church in Charleston. It has been very exciting to see how the news works, and to see how a publication as unique as The New Republic handles the news. I am glad I have the opportunity to take part in this internship, as I am getting a lot of professional journalistic experience that I would not have otherwise while also learning a lot about who I am professionally and what it is I want to do.

Madison Johnson '18


New York City, NY
Communications/Press, Research