Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston

In the summer 2017, this Director's Internship placement is also part of the Schaeffer Fellows program. Read more about that program here.

The City of Boston municipal government is comprised of more than 70 individual agencies, commissions and departments, with more than 16,000 employees and a total budget of $2.98 billion for Fiscal Year 2017. Organized in a traditional cabinet structure, the City’s major functional areas include managing public schools, ensuring public safety, stimulating economic, housing and neighborhood development, coordinating human services programs for constituents of all ages, providing necessary infrastructure and basic City services to residents and supporting the operations of all line departments.
These departments provide services to more than 617,000 residents, including 56,000 public school students, as well as hundreds of thousands of people working in the city every day, and tens of millions of visitors and tourists annually.
The Mayor’s Office oversees the key functions of policy development and management planning. This small staff designs policy and implementation strategies for the Mayor and coordinates the work of the various City departments.
In this internship, students will work with the city department that best fits their area of interest, and can tailor their experience to projects they are most passionate about. Depending on the department, the intern will work closely with the cabinet chief, department head, or department team on both long and short-term initiatives that align with his or her particular interest in city government.
Those best suited for this role will work well independently and on teams, and have some project management experience, as well as a strong interest in the public sector.
2016 Intern Reflection:

The first half of my internship in Mayor Martin Walsh's Office has been an invigorating experience. For the past five weeks, I've worked directly with the Mayor's Chief of Streets in the Boston Transportation Department. I have worked mostly on imagining the City's role in facilitating the testing and operation of autonomous vehicles--vehicles that drive themselves--in Boston. This experience has included conducting legislative research on existing state/city legislation, drafting up policy recommendations, presenting recommendations to public officials, taking part in a global forum on autonomous vehicles, and even participating in a test drive of the vehicle itself! I have also spent time on analyzing the City's 311 requests, which are for citizens to contact City Hall regarding requested traffic repairs throughout the city.
The general day-to-day experience has been an interesting part of my internship, as it has informed me more specifically on careers in city-level politics. One of the most rewarding parts of my internship experience in the Mayor's Office thus far has been being able to participate in conversations with so many people committed to improving different aspects of Boston. The experience of working in Mayor Walsh's office has ignited an already existing personal interest in pursuing a career in city politics. Being a part of a vibrant environment committed to creating change in the City is exactly how I imagined it would be.

Ted White '17 



Boston, MA / Cambridge, MA
Elected Officials, Federal /State and Local Government