MassIT - Massachusetts Office of Information Technology

The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology’s (MassIT) mission is to drive the digital business of state government to meet the continually evolving needs of constituents, schools, businesses, and local government. 

MassIT’s Office of Strategic Management (OSM) works to drive the strategic and operational direction of digital government inside the Commonwealth. Our work ranges from high-level monitoring of the performance of MassIT’s initiatives and operations to ground-level project management and research in support of digital initiatives ranging from improved cybersecurity to reforming the procurement process. For more information on MassIT’s transformation, please check out this short intro.

We are looking for a driven, passionate, and inquisitive intern for the summer interested in both policy and business. Although a background in IT, Computer Science, and tech policy is a plus, you do not need to have that background to excel. We encourage individuals from all concentrations – from the sciences, humanities, social sciences, or even special concentrations - to apply if they are at all interested in driving forward the business of government through innovation in technology and digital services. Candidates should have exceptional organizational skills, able to work in a fast-paced work environment, have experience working in diverse and fluid teams, and have exceptional writing and speaking skills.

The intern will work as a critical member of our team. In terms of the average workday, consider yourself both a business consultant and a policy advisor. You will need to engage with stakeholders inside the agency for change management (that is, figuring out how an organization can change its culture and ways of doing things), financial and budgetary analysis, and/or policy research by comparing what MassIT is doing vis-à-vis other states. Work is fast-paced – you will get thrown into the deep-end on your first day – yet is always challenging and fascinating.

We request that you identify any relevant coursework, especially if related to organizational behavior, financial analysis, information technology management, and/or cybersecurity policy. Most importantly, we are interested in hearing about your drive to make a difference in state government.

We look forward to working with you in Summer 2017!

Boston, MA / Cambridge, MA