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Independent Journal is one of the largest social publishers in the world. We are investing heavily in a cutting edge, viral politics newsroom. Our writers are creative storytellers who produce rich, highly sharable content. We understand writing for the internet and our nearly 40 million readers a month appreciate that.

We are looking for a Director's Intern who wants more than an internship. In our fellowship, you would be working side-by-side with us, creating viral, original content every day. It’s a hands-on experience to create content with some of the best in the business. We want opportunities to improve your skills and learn new ones. One last point: This is not a dead end position. We want this to lead to a full-time position with Independent Journal. If you are a young aspiring journalist, this is the perfect place to prove yourself!

What we want:

  • You have a native sense of what news has viral potential. We do not need to be first on every story. We do not need micro-scoops on every minor procedural motion affecting appropriations legislation. We need creative people with a love of storytelling mixed with raw political savvy.

  • You know the landscape of the Internet. You know when your Facebook Feed is click-baiting you. You know what a subreddit is. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vines and Snapchat all make sense to you and are a part of your everyday life.

  • You know your audience. Our news is custom-built for sharing. We rely heavily on knowing what our readers want before they do. We do not cater to the pretentious elites or the numbingly polarized. Our readers want their political news explained in everyday terms so they can understand the world around them as they swipe through their Facebook feeds, waiting for their Caramel Macchiatos.

  • Avoid cheap, partisan reporting. There is enough derp-y, click-bait content floating around the dark corners of the Internet. Independent Journal is a place for political discourse and creativity. Not for bias masquerading as news. Of course, you’re a human being. Everyone has an opinion. But facts are what tell, and ultimately make, a story.

  • Create something new. How can you do news better?

The political world has never been more diverse and accessible. Concurrently, reporters have never had more storytelling technology at their fingertips. This wonderful fusion should be cherished by every reporter and, you would hope, our reporters will reward their readership with cutting edge, creative, storytelling.

  •  We want to invest in a culture. Creativity is best nurtured in a relaxed, collaborative environment with lots of goldfish crackers, espresso and blazing fast wi-fi. We provide that. Feel free to wear a snuggie to the office. Just produce and be a team-player.

Some #basic qualifications:

  • A really sharp sense of humor

  • Uncrushable enthusiasm and an indomitable spirit

  • Photoshop or video editing experience preferred but not required

  • Pride in your work

  • Love of animals


2016 Intern Reflection:

Independent Journal Review (IJR) is social first, mobile first news media viral site. The website boats nearly 40 million readers a month, and continuously pushes out viral content getting shared by millions and millions of people online. It’s been a phenomenal experience working thus far at IJR- Benny, my director, has been nothing but supportive in helping me understand how to navigate the world of “new media,” and producing content which is best suited to be both informative but also pertinent in the ever-changing political news market. With attention spans getting smaller, and people wanting to consume new information on the go and in shorter periods of time, videos and interactive articles are becoming especially vital in the sharing era of the 21st century- quite simply, that’s what IJR does. I’ve been able to publish content starting my first week at IJR, and I’m allowed nearly full creative freedom in what kinds of articles I want to produce, with helpful editors that give me constructive feedback. The office is very laid back- there is no dress code, almost all millennials, and you’re more likely to see someone walking around in a onesie than a suit. That only adds to the excitement of the place- it’s an open office, with office dogs running about, and has a modern start-up boutique feel that is truly unique for any professional summer internship. Quite simply: you’re not stuck in a claustrophobic cubicle all day. 
Now… the most important piece of advice I can possibly give you is to use IJR as an opportunity to network, and not only to expand your knowledge relating to the online political world, but also to meet and interact with incredible and exciting insiders all over Washington D.C. IJR has collaborated on pieces with Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and many other famous politicians and power players in D.C. In my first week on the job, I was able to meet Dr. Ben Carson when he visited the office, and attended an event IJR was hosting with Senator Cotton the following week. There’s been many other experiences like that. Take a look at their YouTube page to get a glimpse at some of the video content they produce. I’m not usually confined to one project either- I’ve written articles, but have also helped staff plan events, helped with videos, etc. My ideas are always considered, and in fact, they are truly valued as I provide a college student's perspective, which is very important to IJR considering much of the audience they want to reach. More so, IJR is growing at a rapid pace. They currently occupy three floors at their office building in Alexandria, Old Town (including an awesome roof where there are frequent social events), but they’re also expanding to include a fourth floor on the second level of the building.
All in all, it’s an incredible place to be. Creative, fun, and always stimulating. If you have an interest in politics, with a keen interest in how to reach mass audiences in out-of-the-box and new ways unseen before in the traditional media, then definitely make sure you apply.

Ian Mullane '19

Washington, D.C.
Advocacy/Policy, Communications/Press