Heritage Foundation

**Applicants for this Director’s Internship must also apply via: http://www.heritage.org/internships, ideally by January 24, as well as through the IOP**

Internship Description:

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institute – a think tank - whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. This Director's Internship will appeal most to students more aligned with the conservative approach to policy. Intern's responsibilities vary by department. Over 70 positions are available ranging from foreign and domestic policy targeting specific areas, to unique niches like Creative Services and even Spanish speaking outreach through, Libertad.

Duties could include: 1. Provide necessary research for Domestic Policy analysts on a wide range of domestic policy issues including social, economical and health care policy; 2. Attend conferences and Hill briefings on domestic policy issues; 3. Provide reliable Internet-based research for analysts; 4. Update Department databases; 5. Make copies, collate, and staple materials as requested.

The areas of study that someone could be researched would include Social Security reform, Tax reform, Federal Spending & Budget, Transportation, Regulation, Marriage & Family, Welfare, Education, and Religion.

Summer applicants must be rising college juniors or seniors. International students who are authorized to be employed in the United States are eligible for Heritage internships.


2017 Intern Reflection: 

The Heritage Foundation's internship program, known as the Young Leaders Program, is an immersive experience that provides experience, connections, and learning throughout the summer's programming. Each intern is placed in an office of their choosing, and these offices range in scope across various fields. The research internships are divided among four broad institutes--constitutional government (including the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, where my internship is based); economic policy; domestic policy; and foreign policy. There are also a number of other internships available in communications, journalism, development, etc. While all of the interns spend a great deal of time in our disparate offices, we come together most days each week for a few events--policy lectures, lunch discussions of the first principles of the American founding, mentorship, career exploration panels, field trips to places like the White House and the Pentagon, and more. You can expect to eat free, catered lunches at least a few times each week with the Young Leaders Program. What most stands out about the internships at The Heritage Foundation, though, is the willingness of other staff to make time for interns. It is common to see interns in the staff lounge, meeting with staff members from research analysts to Vice Presidents to discuss their experiences and seek advice for their own careers. I have found that the entire organization is dedicated fully to both its work and its community. 

My internship in the Legal Center has been fantastic. Each of the interns is paired with one or two of the lawyers in the office, with whom we partner to work on projects like blog posts, legal memoranda, television appearance talking points, and other projects. For example, I've been working with one of the office's senior legal fellows to write articles about criminal justice reform proposals like mens rea reform and collateral consequences reform. I've also attended hearings where members of our staff have testified before Congress and a session of the Supreme Court. Overall, this has been an absolutely incredible experience and I cannot recommend it more highly for those who may interested in a career in conservative politics. Some classroom or extracurricular experience in your research area will be useful for policy research internships. 

Emily Hall '18 

Washington, D.C.
Research, Think Tank/Strategy, Advocacy/Policy