Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics

**New to 2018**

The Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics is looking for an internal summer programming assistant for the Bipartisan Program for Newly Elected Members of Congress Conference and the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards.

The Bipartisan Program for Newly Elected Members of Congress is nationally recognized as the preeminent educational and preparatory program for newly elected Republican and Democratic Members of the House of Representatives.  Over 700 current and former representatives from both parties have attended the program since its inception in 1972.

In 2016, the biennial program was held December 6-8 in collaboration with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Congressional Institute.

The agenda is designed to ensure thoughtful bipartisan discussions on a variety of public policy issues.  Experts and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds cover topics including the federal budget process, key issues in domestic and foreign policy, and the expanding role of innovation and technology in government. The program also provides guidance on a host of practical issues, including setting up and staffing congressional offices, best practices for media relations, and managing family/work life balance in Congress.


The John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards® were created by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and The Institute of Politics at Harvard University to honor Americans under the age of 40 who are changing their communities and the country with their commitment to public service. The awards are presented annually to two exceptional individuals whose contributions as full-time public servants in elective office, community service, or advocacy demonstrate the impact and the value of public service in the spirit of John F. Kennedy.

One award honors an elected official whose work in politics has brought significant, tangible results in response to a public challenge. This award is named for Dan Fenn, the Library's first director.

The other New Frontier Award® honors an individual whose contributions in the realm of community service, advocacy or grassroots activism have had a positive impact on a broad public policy issue or challenge.

The recipients of the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards are role models for a new generation of public servants. They demonstrate the qualities President Kennedy embodied and admired: civic mindedness, pragmatism, vision and tenacity in identifying and addressing public challenges.




Boston, MA / Cambridge, MA
Communications/Press, Research, Federal /State and Local Government