Echelon Insights

Echelon Insights, launched in summer of 2014 by top Republican digital strategist Patrick Ruffini and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson (also a Harvard IOP Fall 2014 Fellow), blends rigorous opinion research with digital insights and data analytics to create next-generation intelligence. From political campaigns to non-profits to corporations, Echelon works on projects and builds tools that shed new light on how audiences and voters think, act, are persuaded, and are activated.

Whether we're conducting top-notch survey research, analyzing the online conversation around a major news topic, building models that predict who is likely to vote, or offering insights about the media landscape, Echelon uses all of the tools at a researcher's disposal to answer challenging questions about identifying, persuading, and activating audiences.

We tackle questions such as:

* What factors truly make a voter persuadable?

* How can we know if advertising has made a measurable difference?

* Where are there untapped reservoirs of support on a certain issue?

* How are information consumption habits changing?

* Can you build a simulator that projects the possible impact of a particular communications strategy?

* What are the right messages that maximize support from voters or customers?

As Echelon expands its client base and capabilities, we expect to have an exciting summer 2016 ahead of us, and are thrilled to offer a summer internship through Harvard's IOP Directors Internship program.

Applicants should be deeply curious in nature and love for tackling research questions in new ways. Not all Echelon work is explicitly political or partisan in nature, though an interest in politics and public service is preferable. While not required, we prefer applicants with skills or an interest in some of these areas:

* Statistical expertise, comfort using R or other software such as SPSS or Wincross

* Data science skills, modeling, experience with Python

* Experience in political psychology or fields studying how people process information and make decisions

* Computer science and machine learning

* Opinion research and experience creating well-written analytical reports

* Graphic design and/or experience with Tableau or data visualization tools

* Strategic communications planning skills or experience in media

We expect that our Director's Intern will be heavily involved in digital intelligence projects, similar to our #ThisYearInNews work (see here:, and will also assist on public opinion research projects for our public policy clients. Above all, Echelon is looking for new team members who are insatiably curious, are constantly asking questions, and are eager to challenge assumptions about how political campaigns or corporate advertising strategies work.

Washington, D.C.
Research, Think Tank/Strategy