CNN - Situation Room

The Situation Room, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, assembles top CNN correspondents, analysts, contributors and guests for complete, up-to-the minute coverage of the day's breaking news, political events, national security issues, terrorism, international relations and other major stories in the news. Modeled on the concept of the White House Situation Room, the program combines traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources, making the entire process of newsgathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers' fingertips. The Situation Room airs weekdays from 5 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Students may have the opportunity to learn and observe a number of functions within the department, such as show research, videotape screening, logging, dubbing and other show production needs.

Qualifications: In order to facilitate the learning experience, candidates with the following qualifications are preferred:

• Candidates should have experience in journalism and be seeking a career in broadcast journalism.

•  Candidates be self-motivated, able to multitask, have a good attitude, and be able to function well in an environment with short deadlines and quick turnaround projects.

•  Interns need to be available during the week for this internship.

In summer 2018, the dates for the CNN internship program will be June 4-Aug 10; applicants should be available for the entirety of the program.


CNN America Inc. is a division of the CNN News Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. This 24-hour news network is the world's most trusted name in news today. CNN provides its audience with in-depth, live coverage and analysis of breaking news events from around the world. CNN also offers a full range of programs covering the latest in business, weather, sports, entertainment, health and science news, as well as topical, in-depth interviews.

Students @ Work Internships are structured to last 10 to 12 weeks. Tentative program dates are June 1st Through August 7th.   Students should have a strong academic record (3.0 strongly preferred). Students must have completed their sophomore year in college prior to the start of the internship.

Note to International Students: All international students will be required to provide documentation of proper visa paperwork prior to your arrival if accepted to the program.

2018 Intern Reflection

While visiting CNN on an IOP-sponsored trip this past winter, John King told our group that the best part of his job is that he learns something new every day. Over the past few weeks at The Situation Room, I have learned how true his words were. It is an incredible honor and privilege to leave work every day with greater knowledge of the issues that plague American and international politics. Further, it is incredibly exciting--and fun--to work at CNN. Each day as an intern for The Situation Room is dynamic and different. Tasks for interns include fact-checking graphics and stories, researching, logging interviews, cutting video, and shadowing field reporters and producers. I have loved the opportunity to learn not only about multimedia journalism but also about other industries in Washington through watching CNN correspondents interview experts and government officials. I respect and admire my CNN coworkers so much for their unwavering commitment to providing the facts to the public, and I have been so fortunate to work toward their mission this summer.

Anna Kuritzkes '20

2017 Intern Reflection

As an intern for CNN at The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, I've had a front row seat to an unprecedented period in American political history. From sitting in on part of fired FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony to speaking to senators about health care, I've gained first-hand exposure to Washington that I never expected to get as just an intern.

The intern experience itself has been extremely open-ended. Every morning begins with a meeting between Wolf and his team, where we discuss the day's news, pitch story ideas, and learn about what guests we are working to book for the show. What I do after this meeting differs day-to-day. My tasks have included doing research for stories, pulling old video from CNN's archives, shadowing and logging interviews, and reaching out to organizations and individuals for comment on stories. I've also had the opportunity to spend a number of days covering Congress on Capitol Hill, where I've helped write and produce pieces for CNN's online coverage. Each week, all of the interns are invited to sit down with someone who works for CNN in order to learn about their career, ask questions, and receive advice. Although the bulk of this internship is in television production, these and other opportunities have enabled me to gain insight into many different areas within CNN beyond TV.

Sam Kessler '19

2016 Intern Reflection

Living in Washington, DC and working for The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer has truly been an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. Every day is different. At The Situation Room, you have to constantly be on your toes and ready to help whoever needs you. Some days I do background research, log tapes, or write questions for the interviewees that we have on the show for the day. Other days, I go out in the field with one of the correspondents. No matter what job I’m performing, it is always important I keep up to date on current events. Whether it is in meetings or in the control room during the show, the producers are talking about what is happening in real time.

I’ve truly learned more in The Situation Room than I ever could have learned in a classroom. The people that work there set a standard for political engagement and journalistic integrity that I aspire to achieve.

Tess Saperstein '18

Washington, D.C.
Communications/Press, Research