Center for American Progress

**Applicants for this Director’s Internship must also apply via: by Sunday, Frebruary 4, 2018as well as through the IOP**

Internship Description:

The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action. CAP combines bold policy ideas with a modern communications platform to help shape the national debate, expose the hollowness of conservative governing philosophy, and challenge the media to cover the issues that truly matter.

CAP's work builds upon progressive ideals put forth by such leaders as Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, and Martin Luther King. They draw from the great social movements of the 20th century—from labor rights and worker safety, to civil rights and women's suffrage. CAP translates those values into new ideas and action firmly rooted in the economic and political realities of the 21st century.

Founded in 2003, CAP is headed by Neera Tanden, who has served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations, as well as presidential campaigns and think thanks. CAP is designed to provide long-term leadership and support to the progressive movement. Their ability to develop thoughtful policy proposals and engage in the war of ideas with conservatives is unique and effective.

CAP's policy experts cover a wide range of issue areas, and often work across disciplines to tackle complex, interrelated issues such as national security, energy, and climate change. This year, we are pushing to keep four leading issues at the center of the national debate:

Restoring America's global leadership to make America, more secure and build a better world. Seizing the energy opportunity to create a clean, innovation-led economy that supports a sustainable environment. Creating progressive growth that is robust and widely shared, and restoring economic opportunity for all.

2015 Intern Reflection:

Interning at CAP has been an amazing experience. I was a part of the Guns & Crime team, working on issues ranging from daily urban violence to preventing mass shootings like the one that happened in Charleston this summer. As CAP is both a think tank and an advocacy organization, I engaged in a wide variety of activities. This included substantive research of state codes to help make recommendations for how local governments can take advantage of existing laws to prevent gun violence, as well as researching other phenomena closely related to gun violence, such as domestic terrorism, illegal gun trafficking, and implicit bias. Additionally, I helped with advocacy work, attending weekly meetings with national gun violence groups, taking notes on Congressional hearings, and helping contact congressional and state legislative offices. Even though I had no direct experience related to the issue of gun violence prevention, I quickly became an expert on the issue, and gained many research and advocacy skills that could help me work on many other progressive issues. Unlike many other internships, CAP did a good job of limiting the amount of “intern tasks” I had to do, such as answering phones and performing errands. Additionally, the organization hires many interns over the summer, providing a great opportunity to meet like-minded friends. My favorite experience of the summer was being able to go with other interns to hear the Supreme Court release its decisions on both the health care and gay marriage Supreme Court cases—I will never forget how I was there when marriage equality was announced and our union became a little more perfect. I’m incredibly happy with my experience at CAP.

Daniel DeBois '18

Washington, D.C.
Advocacy/Policy, Research, Think Tank/Strategy