Albright Stonebridge Group

Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) is the leading commercial diplomacy and strategic advisory firm chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. ASG helps clients navigate the intersection of business, the public sector, and civil society in over 100 countries on six continents. The firm is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with more than 100 seasoned professionals around the world. ASG works with business leaders and their companies, associations, foundations, and non-profits to assess and manage risk, realize opportunities, position themselves for success, and solve commercial, political, and regulatory challenges.

Director's Interns are asked to contribute in a number of ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • in-depth research and analysis on key topics and industries related to the work of our clients and prospective clients in a variety of regions around the world, including emerging markets;
  • drafting and preparation of both internal and external briefing memos and materials for senior staff and clients;
  • mining of daily news sources for issues of relevance in both the U.S. and foreign press;
  • supporting marketing and business development efforts;
  • research on companies with interests in key markets;
  • assisting in drafting of letters and memos to clients and perspective clients on region- and issue-specific topics;
  • assisting with administrative tasks as they arise, including, but not limited to, editing of documents, answering phones, etc.

ASG is currently seeking interns to assist with a number of regions and issues areas for the 2016 Summer Semester.  Exceptional writing is essential.  Strong editing and analytical skills, as well as ability to think critically about research scope and content, are also required.  ASG is seeking interns with experience in a variety of country, language and issue areas, including:

  • Brazil – Very strong spoken/reading Portuguese language ability; Understanding of how the Brazilian government operates, as well as the overall political and economic landscape.
  • Latin America – Ability to perform research in Spanish; strong understanding of regional political and economic dynamics; knowledge of such countries as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia a plus.
  • China – Ability to perform nearly all research in Mandarin; strong understanding of how the Chinese government operates, U.S.-China relations, and the overall political and economic environment in China.
  • India – Strong understanding of how the Indian government operates at both the central and local levels, as well as the overall political and economic environment; language ability a plus.
  • Middle East – Strong Arabic language ability; Particular focus on the Gulf region; Strong understanding of regional economic and political dynamics.
  • Energy & Environment – Strong understanding of global environment and energy (both traditional and renewable) policy.
  • Africa – Strong understanding of African countries as emerging markets, as well as overall political and economic dynamics. 
  • Turkey – Strong understanding of country political and economic landscape; language ability a plus.
  • Europe – Strong understanding of regional political and economic dynamics; understanding of EU organizations and how they operate and interact with one another.

Utility Player/Other – if you have a strong set of skills or experiences that you think could contribute meaningfully to our work that are not listed above, please indicate in your cover letter.


2015 Intern Reflection:

Albright Stonebridge Group must be the most exciting place in the world period. The firm is at once intellectual, engaging, and meaningful. And we care the most about ideas. No matter who you are--intern or principal--you are judged on your ability to contribute. It feels like there is no hierarchy.

But the culture of the firm is not the most rewarding part. Our ambition is what has motivated me to give my most to every day. We are building the most prominent firm at the intersection of the public, private, and social sector. Given the chance to be here, I do not understand why anyone would want to work anywhere else. 

Rohan Paluvari '18

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

I've been working at ASG from 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday with nine other co-interns from colleges all over the country. We share intern cubicles with about six summer associates who are graduate students mostly at business schools. Working at ASG has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I've been fortunate to have my work paired up with my regional interests in Latin America. Jessica, the intern supervisor, has assigned Gabi, one of ASG's Latin American directors, to give me different projects that spark my interests. My work includes mining news to follow on policy and investment trends, writing reports for ASG senior staff members and clients on Latin American sectors, working on an industry analysis/business development project with other interns and summer associates, attending events at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Int'l Scholars where top visiting government and experts go to give talks on a broad range of topics on international affairs and business. Gabi and summer associates have been very helpful in producing top-quality work. At the same time, at the beginning it is tricky to figure out how to handle your research and organize it all. This leaves room to be creative and impress ASG staff with new ideas of organizing information with systematic ideas and technology. 

As for company culture, ASG eases interaction with senior staff and other interns. There are outings and weekly lunches with ASG senior staff that allow for ample room to get to know some amazing people who have worked in top positions in the public and private sector. Everyone has been friendly and ready to help you build relationships with others who share your interests. All in all, ASG has provided exciting work and a friendly company culture in which to work in.

Bryan Padilla '15

2013 Director's Intern Reflection:

ASG works at the intersection of government and business, practicing commercial diplomacy. I have worked on a variety of projects here, which has enabled me to really get a feel for what the company does. As an intern, I do a lot of research and write memos and briefs, often for meetings with potential clients or government contacts. 

The intern coordinator, Jessica, is a wonderful mentor. She takes time to check in on us on a regular basis, makes sure we are engaged in our projects, and gives us general career advice. I strongly recommend this internship if you enjoy doing research and have some experience with it. Be prepared to work on a range of topics, often unrelated to your area of specialty/expertise or what you thought you would be working on. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages, though not required, is useful for this internship.  Overall, this has been a fantastic experience! 

Anna Dimitrijević ‘15


Washington, D.C.
Economics/Business, Think Tank/Strategy