ABC News-Political Unit

ABC News' Political Unit follows political trends and issues. The unit also produces a daily report called "The Note," which highlights and analyzes the political themes of the day.

In summer 2018, the unit will be focused on the races and trends around the midterm elections. The intern will work closely with others at ABC in tracking races, polling, advertising spending, and trends in major congressional and gubernatorial races. With specific interest in new ways to explore digital campaign tactics and strategies.

Our program offers students:
• experience at a diversified global Fortune 100 company
• exposure to network level news research, editorial and operational coverage, and broadcast and digital production on a daily basis
• competitive pay and a rewarding experience
This internship program is open to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in school and have completed their sophomore year. 
 Interns MUST meet the following criteria:
• Currently earning a college/university degree in Related Field
• Excellent Communication Skills
• An interest in broadcast news with prior internship or classroom experience in journalism or broadcast production
Hiring decisions are based on your major field of study, past work/internship experience, and extracurricular activities. We are looking for students who will make the most of this great opportunity.

2017 Intern Reflection               

My experience interning at ABC’s Political Unit in D.C. has far exceeded my expectations. While ABC is one of the nation’s largest news outlets, the Political Unit is small, and I have been given substantive work as an intern. Our team is responsible for covering all things political in domestic news, and, in today’s political landscape, that means the “day-to-day” is incredibly variable.  On any given day I can be expected to monitor the various Morning Shows featuring members of Congress, track trends in White House Communications (read: presidential tweet storms and Sean Spicer’s briefings), or go out to a press conference as ABC’s reporter.  Any “newsworthy” information I gather I am typically expected to file a story on, meaning I am able to produce pieces from source to final product.
                Prior to this summer, I had never worked in journalism, whether that be writing for a campus publication or doing any media work. My colleagues and superiors were well aware of this fact at the start of my internship, yet, from the moment I walked into the office, they trusted me to produce strong, publishable work. Their confidence in me, in tandem with their unending willingness to offer a helping hand and words of advice, allowed me to feel completely comfortable producing the work asked of me. ABC has provided me with endless insight into the work of journalism, broadcast television, and the government proceedings of Washington. Each day comes with a new surprise, and I would highly recommend this internship to anybody looking to dive right into the dynamic world of political news.

Caroline Cohen '19

Washington, D.C.
Communications/Press, Research