270 Strategies


We named our firm “270” for the number of electoral votes required to win the White House. Our team includes key leadership from across the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and we constantly hustle to achieve presidential-level work.

In our first four years, we’ve partnered with over 200 campaigns, companies, and causes to develop engagement strategies that connect them to the people they care about in a meaningful way.

We’ve worked with established organizations to make them more efficient, and helped innovators build campaigns and companies from the ground up. We’re changing the way our clients put their ideas into action – and changing the world in the process.


Our Seasonal Associates work closely with 270 staff to learn everything that goes into winning campaigns - from best practices for engaging and empowering communities, to the integration of digital strategy in grassroots organizing, to effective communications, training, and the power of analytics.

Seasonal Associates will dedicate their time to one or more areas of focus at the firm, including but not limited to: grassroots & digital engagement, marketing & communications, digital advertising, design, data & analytics, and business operations.

This position will be based in Chicago, IL or Washington, DC. Applicants should be available to work 20-40 hours a week and must receive class credit or a stipend from their University for their time spent with 270 Strategies.


  •          Receive regular coaching and training from your manager
  •          Set personalized goals using our strategic planning framework
  •          Join our internal learning programs and meetings
  •          Meet with your Seasonal Associate cohort to share learnings and ideas



  •          Excellent interpersonal, writing, and organizational skills
  •          The ability to be detail-oriented, multitask, meet deadlines, and think critically and creatively
  •          The ability to work efficiently and learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
  •          A strong desire to learn and commitment to changing the world

Your statement of interest should include your desired location (DC or Chicago), start and end dates, and answer the question: “How will you help us do big things?”

In this answer, please indicate the department(s) you are interested in working with. Our departments include: grassroots & digital engagement, marketing & communications, digital advertising, design, data & analytics, and business operations.


2016 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the opportunity to work at 270 Strategies, a political consulting firm that uses lessons learned about grassroots organizing and digital strategy from Obama’s presidential campaigns to serve both domestic and international clients ranging from corporations to congressional campaigns to progressive non-profits. As a young, vibrant company with offices in Chicago and DC, 270’s main mission is to “Do Big Things”, partnering with those who are committed to changing the world.

As a seasonal associate in the Data Analytics department, I had the opportunity to build voter turnout models, assess client data management programs, explore digital tools for managing voter databases, and create internal data team training materials. I learned about how powerful data analytics is for political ventures, both to inform and support the decision-making process as well as to analyze and reflect on the success of those decisions. 270 treated me like a true member of the team, allowing me to work independently on exciting, meaningful client work and teaching me invaluable personal and professional skills.

Most importantly though, working at 270 Strategies has been wonderful because of the amazingly personable, talented, and driven people you get to meet and interact with on a daily basis. Not only are they incredibly intelligent and skilled at the work that they do, they are also so generous and willing to spend time discussing their backgrounds, finding common ground in hobbies from basketball to dance, and dispensing life and career advice. While you will certainly work hard and gain a lot of professional experience at 270, what you will remember most are the people you’ve met and the connections you’ve made here.

I would recommend 270 to someone who is strongly committed to liberal values, would like to learn more about consulting, and is unafraid to be challenged with independent work for a myriad of projects. As a math and computer science student, working at 270 Strategies helped me to understand how the seemingly disparate fields of technology and public policy can intersect and unite to make better informed decisions for a common, progressive goal.

–Shira Li, ’19

 2015 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I worked with 270 Strategies, a consulting firm that applies lessons from grassroots organizing and digital campaigning to the real world. The firm works with a variety of clients in the US and abroad and has been growing rapidly since it was started only 3 years ago.

As a Summer Associate in the Grassroots Department, I was put on client teams, and helped develop content and design recommendations for our clients. I participated in meetings, trainings, and brainstorming sessions and was given challenging and meaningful tasks throughout the summer. I never had a dull day at 270 and learned tremendously from work I was asked to do.

But the best part about 270 for me was definitely the people and the office culture. 270 brings together smart, passionate, diverse people that all share progressive values and want to enable people with the same values to accomplish their goals. They are some of the funniest and smartest people I met and went out of their way to give me advice on the future, include me in their work, and teach me new skills. Still a young company with a start-up feel, 270 fosters this kind of culture - it encourages creativity, boldness, and going beyond expectations whenever you can. I learned so much from the people around me and their stories. 

I would recommend 270 to anyone who wants to get more of an idea of what consulting is, who wants to learn the tools that help people solve problems, and that has a strong commitment to progressive values and issues. To quote the best piece of advice I learned this summer, anyone who believes in the statement,  "show up early and say yes," will have a great time with 270.

Avinash Saraf '17

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the opportunity to work at 270 Strategies, a political consulting firm founded by a core team of leaders from the Obama presidential campaigns. 270 Strategies works with clients ranging from political campaigns to progressive nonprofits.

As a member of the data team, I had the opportunity to research a wide variety of clients, manage and analyze voter databases, and construct turnout models and algorithms. I was able to work closely with the veterans of many successful campaigns. I learned more about what it takes to win an election, from the integration of online tools in grassroots organizing to the power of analytics and effective communication.

I was the only intern at 270 Strategies’ Washington, D.C. office, but every day, I truly felt like part of the team.  The office was always bursting with energy, ideas, and laughter, and everyone was so passionate about their work. During my time at 270, I never made copies or cups of coffee; instead, I had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge software, pitch new clients, and design internal trainings for future team members. 270 Strategies showed me how to successfully integrate data and technology with digital strategy and grassroots organization. After my work there, I have a much better understanding of how to run campaigns of all kinds, and how important quality data analytics is to the success of any venture.

I would suggest an internship at 270 Strategies for students who have experience working on campaigns or on the Hill, but would like to learn about politics and policymaking from a new perspective. As a computer science student, I found my niche in the data team, but there’s definitely a place for everyone. Working at 270 Strategies truly gave me a unique experience at the intersection of technology and public policy.

Anjali Fernandes '17

Chicago, IL
Think Tank/Strategy