Fellows & Study Groups

Chaired by: Jason Ge and Emily Hall | JasonGe@college.harvard.edu and Emily Hall@college.harvard.edu

The Fellows Program represents a unique opportunity for political practitioners with diverse experiences and viewpoints to spend a semester at Harvard. Fellows lead a not-for-credit study group, participate in Institute activities, and engage in informal interchange with students and faculty. The Fellows Program is central to the Institute's dual commitment to encourage student interest in public life and to develop ways for the academic and political communities to learn from each other.

The program is designed to serve as an opportunity for rejuvenation, providing Fellows with a time for reassessment and personal enrichment. Fellows participate in a variety of activities at the Institute of Politics and throughout the Harvard community during the term of residence. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of the academic setting - to audit classes and attend seminars, lectures and cultural events. Although fellowships are tailored to suit individual interests, each Fellow has several basic responsibilities: leading a not-for-credit study group; participating in Institute activities; engaging in informal interchange with students and faculty; and completing a project with undergraduates that reflects his or her unique interests.

Study Group Schedule


(4:15–5:45 PM)







Gina McCarthy
Moving EPA Forward in an “Unhealthy” Climate



T.W. Shannon
Minorities and the GOP: Why They Need Each Other

Sarah Hurwitz
Breaking Through: How Political Leaders Communicate with the American People in Today’s Noisy, Fragmented, Polarized Media Environment


Christopher Shays
Inside Congress: The Inconvenient Truth

Jon Finer
In Search of a "Trump Doctrine": Change and Continuity in American Foreign Policy

Gil Kerlikowske
Criminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy, and Border Security

Study Groups begin Tuesday, February 14, 2017 and end April 13th, 2017. There are no sessions during spring break March 11-19
  • Please note: study group sessions are open to all, but are off the record
To learn more about the Fellows Program, please visit the other pages linked on the top of this page.  You may also view our video in which several former Fellows talk about their experiences.