Community Action

The Community Action Committee (CAC) is dedicated to making voting easy and accessible. With the help of TurboVote, the Community Action Committee helps Harvard students impact the political process by registering, mobilizing and educating voters, particularly those on campus.

CAC also coordinates community voter registration and mobilization efforts in neighboring Cambridge and Allston communities.

What opportunities exist for individuals interested in Community Action Committee (CAC)?

  • Help with voter registration in the Boston community . CAC annually collaborates with STOP (Students Taking on Poverty) and PBHA (Philips Brooks House Association) on a Boston voter registration and mobilization drive. Members enter low-income neighborhoods to teach citizens how to fill out voter registration forms and encourage them to participate in the political process.
  • Plan IOP service days. Organize opportunities for the entire IOP community - staff members, fellows, and students - to give back to the community.
  • Promote a partnership with campus community service groups. CAC is in communication with PBHA and other service groups in order to increase the IOP involvement in the Cambridge and Boston community. This semester we will institute an IOP shift in UNILU, a student-run homeless shelter.
  • Come to meetings! Make your voice heard on how we can engage issues of importance to the community using politics


Chaired by: Derek Paulhus |