Award Committee

A distinguished bipartisan committee of political and community leaders annually selects the New Frontier Award recipients based on their contributions to the public and their embodiment of the forward-looking public idealism to which President Kennedy hoped young Americans would aspire.


The Honorable William Delahunt, Acting Director, Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics
Steven M. Rothstein, Executive Director, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation

Committee Members

Kristen Soltis Anderson, Co-founder of Echelon Insights; Fellow, Institute of Politics Fall 2014

Terence Burke, Vice President of Communications Strategy, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Carolyn Casey,  Founder and Executive Director of Project 351

Ranny Cooper, President & COO, Weber Shandwick Public Affairs, former Chief of Staff for Senator Edward M. Kennedy

The Honorable William "Mo" Cowan, Chief Operating Officer, ML Strategies, 
Former United States Senator (D-MA); former Chief of Staff, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Dan Fenn, former member of President John F. Kennedy staff; Director of the John F. Kennedy Library

Tina Flournoy, Chief of Staff, Office of President Clinton, The Clinton Foundation; Fellow, Institute of Politics, Fall 2009

Rachel Kaprielian, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; 1999 Recipient, Fenn Award

Vivien Li, President and CEO, Riverlife

Kristin McSwain, Executive Director, Boston Opportunity Agenda 

Steven Olikara, Founder and President, Millennial Action Project

Jack Schlossberg, Grandson of President John F. Kennedy 

The Honorable Doug Palmer, former Mayor, Trenton, NJ (1990-2010)

Aneesh Raman, Vice President, Growth,; former Speechwriter to President Barack Obama; former War Correspondent, CNN

T.W. Shannon, President, Bank2; former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives; IOP Fellow (Spring 2017)

Kristen Soltis Anderson, Co-founder of Echelon Insights; Fellow, Institute of Politics Fall 2014

Barbara Souliotis, Former State Director, Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy