Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an application for the fellowship?
The application is found on our website here and asks for three things:

  1. The candidate’s contact information/coversheet.
  2. The biography of the candidate.
  3. A study group proposal.

How are the Fellows chosen?
All applications are reviewed by a committee of IOP staff as well as a dedicated student committee. The student committee will provide their reviews for the director who makes the decisions. The decisions are arrived upon by considering the interests of the students, and there is always serious consideration to select a class of fellows that is diverse by all definitions.

How long is the fellowship? What is the time commitment for the Fellows?
The fellowship is one academic semester (three months). The program is a residential program, and fellows are required to be on campus Monday-Thursday. There are occasionally some exceptions to accommodate off-campus obligations; however, Fellows are strongly encourage to spend most days on the Harvard campus to be available to students.

What are the requirements of the fellowship?
Fellows are required to: (1) develop a study group curriculum; (2) be in residence at the IOP for a minimum of four days each week of the fellowship; (3) fully participate in orientation; (4) lead a non-credit study group during the semester; (5) attend at lest three Directors Dinners during the semester; (6) regularly attend Director’s Luncheons on Thursdays; (7) hold a minimum of four hours of office time each week to meet with interested students; and (8) attend the Senior Advisory Committee meeting.

Additionally, the fellows are expected to engage with student groups when invited. Fellows can accept as many or as few invitation as they like, but there is an emphasis on being a resource to students.

Is housing provided?
Yes. The IOP provides an apartment for each fellow. The apartments are situated near the IOP (a ten minute walk) and are located near the Harvard undergraduate houses (dorms) where upperclassmen live. Each unit has two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and an office. The apartments are furnished and are outfitted with all the essentials for living.

What is the stipend?
Fellows are awarded a modest stipend. Please contact Amy Howell for more information.

Do the Fellows receive a benefits package from the University?
Fellows are considered employees and therefore do receive a benefits package they can elect to participate in. One thing to note is that fellows are ineligible to receive dental insurance. However, medical insurance is possible.

Are the Fellows provided an office?
Yes. Each fellow has a private office with a phone, computer, etc.

May Fellows audit classes at Harvard?
Yes. Most fellows find the courses rewarding and very interesting. Large lecture courses are not difficult to audit. Small seminars are often restricted to matriculating students however. Most Fellows audit up to two courses. Anything more than two is often difficult to fit into the schedule.

Does the IOP have a budget that allows Fellows to bring guests to the study group?
The IOP allows for Fellows to invite up to four guests for the study group. Additional guests are welcomed if they do not come at a financial cost to the IOP. The IOP also has the capacity to use video-conferencing and Skype. Both are perfectly suitable ways to have guests participate in the study groups.

When do the Fall and Spring programs begin and end?
The fall program begins the first week of September and ends the last week of November . The spring program begins the first week of February and ends the last week of April. The fellowship begins with a two week orientation before the study groups officially begin.