Events at the IOP

  1. Tales from Politics Down Under and Data Driven Reform with The Rt. Hon Sir Bill English, former Prime Minister of New Zealand

    Monday October 22 - 12:00pm

    Bill English is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand and will serve as a Visiting Fellow starting October 22, 2018. While at the IOP, Mr. English will work with the Harvard community to better understand the importance of social policy reform and encourage national governments to use technology to make government programs more accessible. He will also discuss his time as prime minister and role of party politics in New Zealand.

  2. Overcoming the Political Divide: Can Our Government Work Better?

    Monday October 22 - 4:30pm

    Guest: Jason Grumet, President of the Bipartisan Policy Center 

  3. What in the World? Women's Representation around the Globe

    Monday October 22 - 4:30pm

    Guest: Yi Wei Lim, Selangor State Assemblywoman for Kampung Tunku in Malaysia; North Petaling Jaya Parliamentary Division Youth Chief, Democratic Action Party (DAP); former political secretary, the Honorable Tony Pua; former City Council Member in Selangor.

  4. Negotiating for Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula

    Monday October 22 - 6:00pm

    Ban Ki Moon
    Secretary-General, United Nations (2007-2016)
    Fisher Family Fellow, Future of Diplomacy Project
    MPP ‘85
    Susan Thornton
    Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State (2017-2018)
    Nicholas Burns (Moderator)
    Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations and Faculty Chair, Future of Diplomacy Project, Harvard Kennedy School


  5. Powerful Classrooms: Making Schools the First Line of Revolution

    Tuesday October 23 - 4:30pm

    Guests: Vanita Gupta, President and CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Former Chair, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice, and Ashley Allison, Chief of Staff, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Former Head of Faith Partnerships, Obama White House

  6. Immigration Through the Lens of Latina Leaders

    Tuesday October 23 - 6:00pm

    A Conversation with
    Loretta Sanchez
    Advanced Leadership Fellow, 2018
    United States House of Representatives (1997-2017)
    Beatriz Merino
    Advanced Leadership Fellow, 2018
    Prime Minister of Peru (June 2003-December 2003)
    Fernando M. Reimers
    Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice in International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education


  7. The Briefing Room: The First Family

    Wednesday October 24 - 4:30pm

    Guest: Kate Andersen Brower, author of “The Residence,” “First Ladies” and “First in Line.”

  8. Campaigns and Conflict: National Security Policy on the Presidential Trail.

    Wednesday October 24 - 4:30pm

    Guest: Dr. Kori Schake, Deputy Director General of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, former Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to McCain 2008 Campaign, Author of Safe Passage: The Transition from British to American Hegemony

  9. Reinforcing Financial Stability in a Crumbling International Order

    Wednesday October 24 - 6:00pm

    Annual Robert Glauber Lecture by
    Sir Paul Tucker
    Chair of the Systemic Risk Council
    Author, Unelected Power
    Research Fellow, M-RCBG, Harvard Kennedy School
    Robert Glauber (Moderator)
    Adjunct Lecturer Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NASD (2001-2006)


  10. Politics, Potholes and Public Service: A Conversation with Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

    Friday October 26 - 12:00pm

    Join Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, the current mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a conversation about politics and government at the local level.

  11. Midterm Elections Preview: Blue Wave or Red Save?

    Friday October 26 - 4:00pm

    Taegan Goddard
    Publisher, Political Wire
    Clare Malone
    Senior Political Writer, FiveThirtyEight; Panelist, FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
    Asha Rangappa
    CNN Legal and National Security Analyst
    Former FBI Agent
    Senior Lecturer, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University
    Rick Wilson
    Republican Political Strategist; #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, “Everything Trump Touches Dies”
    Chris Riback (Moderator)
    Host, Chris Riback's Conversations