Inside Congress: The Inconvenient Truth led by Congressman Christopher Shays with Guest Speaker Hedrick Smith

Second study group will examine Donald Trump’s stunning upset victory, in what Hedrick Smith calls the “most dramatic populist rebellion in American politics since the election of Andrew Jackson in 1824.”  Smith will help us understand why we are a DIVIDED NATION, by money, power and whom we trust, and what can be done to restore Americans' faith in their government and its elected leaders.  Hedrick Smith...


Study Groups are weekly off-the-record discussions on various topics of political, policy, and public interest.  All are welcome; no prior knowledge or experience is necessary to attend or participate.  Sessions take place at the IOP.  Groups begin the week of 2/13/17 and end the week of 4/10/17.  It is not necessary to attend all groups to participate in the program.

Location: Institute of Politics - Littauer FDR

Contact information:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 4:15pm to 5:45pm