Events at the IOP

  1. The Politics of Globalization: How Trade Became a Four-Letter Word

    Tuesday February 20 - 12:00pm

    The Global Economy and Trade: How Do Nationalism and Globalism Play A Role
    When NAFTA was signed, there were 12 free trade agreements around the world—today there are over 600. We’ll look at the politics of trade in the Clinton, Bush and Obama eras, and examine the trend lines and big events? Did we miss any mile markers along the way? How do America’s trade politics differ from the rest of the world? What does America still make? What are the compositions of our exports? What is the role and impact of trade on the global economy—how much does trade impact the rise of income? Decreased poverty? And economic development around the globe?

    Confirmed Guest: Larry Summers, President Emeritus, Harvard University
    Summers is the Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of Harvard University. During the past two decades he has served in a series of senior policy positions including as Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, Director of the NEC under President Obama and as Chief Economist for the World Bank.

  2. Pizza and Politics with The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, Chicago, IL

    Tuesday February 20 - 3:45pm

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Harvard Business School Professor Mitch Weiss will discuss "Chicago’s Innovation Economy: Tech, Science, and Career Opportunities in Chicago" at a Pizza and Politics event with Harvard students, fellows, faculty and staff . Mayor Emanuel, along with a delegation of Chicago business leaders, will visit Harvard as part of a tour of campuses to promote the city's technology industry.

    Seating is limited.  Guests must RSVP for this event and provide a Harvard email address.  Harvard ID will be checked at the door.  Doors will open at 3:30 p.m.  

  3. Beyond The Campaign Tactics: The Intersection of Politics and Policy

    Tuesday February 20 - 4:15pm

    The Role of Think Tanks in Generating Policy Ideas
    Many policy ideas are originated and driven by not-for-profit foundations and trade associations. This class will explore how ideas are generated and promoted by such 501 (c) 3 organizations.

    Guest speaker: Doug Holtz-Eakin, President, American Action Forum. Holtz-Eakin was the Chief Economist of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) in 2001-02. From 2003-2005 he was the 6th Director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which provides budgetary and policy analysis to the U.S. Congress. During his tenure, CBO assisted Congress as they addressed numerous policies — notably the 2003 tax cuts (JGTRRA), the Medicare prescription drug bill (MMA), and Social Security reform. During 2007 and 2008 he was Director of Domestic and Economic Policy for the John McCain presidential campaign.

  4. The Art of the Political Revolution: Millennial, Progressive and the Future of the Democratic Party

    Tuesday February 20 - 4:15pm

    Communicating Across Coalitions on the Left
    It is no small task to effectively engage grassroots progressives while simultaneously trying to keep them on message AND playing “nice” with the establishment wing of the Democratic Party. What are some communication success stories (and failures) when it comes to this? What happens when the grassroots wing isn’t so “grassroots” anymore? How can candidates and operatives effectively engage the various coalitions on the left?

    Guest(s): Arianna Jones, Senior Vice President of Public Relations, Revolution Messaging/Former Deputy Communications Director, Bernie 2016

  5. Are We Still in This Together? The Death of Parties, the Rise of Tribalism in American Politics and What It Portends for Our Future

    Wednesday February 21 - 4:15pm

    Can a Third-Party Rise in 2020?
    Third party candidacies, the fantasy of many a political operative, may be closer to reality in 2020 than we know. How would a third-party candidacy be organized for success? Do current election laws allow a third-party candidate to have a chance? Is Trump, despite his Republican affiliation, effectively a third-party president? Join Scott Jennings and veteran political pollster Neil Newhouse for a war room-style, interactive discussion in plotting a third-party candidacy.

  6. Pursuing Truth in the Global Economy

    Wednesday February 21 - 6:00pm

    A Conversation with
    Ray Dalio
    Founder, Bridgewater Associates
    Author, Principles
    Lawrence H. Summers
    Charles W. Eliot University Professor of Harvard University
    Co-Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School

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    Selected participants must pick up their tickets at the Institute of Politics on February 20 & 21 between 9:00AM - 5:00PM, or The Science Center on February 20 & 21 between 11:00AM - 2:00PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  7. Platforms, Networks, and New Power Technology’s Impact on Politics, Policy, and Elections

    Thursday February 22 - 4:15pm

    News commoditization and disruption, fake news, and the surprise interdependence of cable news and the internet
    Today’s fractured media environment requires understanding the commoditization and distribution of news, the conflict between paid and organic reach online, how these developments led to the rise of “fake news,” and the interdependence of cable news and the internet in today’s modern political environment. We will examine these concepts through the lens of the 2016 election and how they played a role in President Trump’s success in the 2016 campaign and into his Presidency.

  8. A Mayor for Change: Tackling National Issues at the Local Level

    Thursday February 22 - 4:15pm

    Using Local Government to Create Systemic Change: Building Your Values Into Government
    Conversations about Big Ideas are crucial to shaping thought, but in local government – as anywhere - one must use the tools one has at hand to make change happen. Tools like budgets, hiring, managing through resistance to change, ordinance changes, the bully pulpit, and cross-sector collaboration are what local leaders have to work with to make a difference. Mayor Hodges can talk about using those tools to bring Earned Sick and Safe Time to Minneapolis, increase the Minimum Wage, put racial equity into the Public Works Capital Plan, support immigrant entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color, support trans and gender-nonconforming people, and more.

  9. A Conversation with David Miliband

    Thursday February 22 - 6:00pm

    A Conversation with
    David Miliband
    President and CEO, International Rescue Committee (IRC)
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, UK (2007-2010)
    Nick Burns (Moderator)
    Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations, HKS
    Faculty Director, Future of Diplomacy Project; Faculty Chair, Middle East Initiative, HKS

  10. Career Roundtable with Alex Burns and MJ Lee

    Thursday February 22 - 7:00pm

    Join the IOP for a Career Roundtable with CNN’s MJ Lee and the New York Time’s Alex Burns on Thursday, 2/22 at 7PM in Littauer- 163. You will have the opportunity to hear from MJ and Alex about their paths to political journalism and questions about their role in the field today. Dinner will be served. RSVP here

  11. The Politics of Globalization: How Trade Became a Four-Letter Word

    Monday February 26 - 4:15pm

    Understanding the Attitudes of Voters Across the Political Spectrum on Globalism

    Policy makers, politicians and the electorate are split on trade. In numerous cases, Democratic voters are often pro-trade, Democratic lawmakers against it; Republican voters in turn, are typically anti-trade though numerous Republican lawmakers are for it. What do the battles over EXIM, TPP and NAFTA tell us about how to frame the broader trade debate going forward? What do these battles tell us about the Republican and Democratic split on trade?  What happened in 2015 and 2016 to make trade such a front burner issue? What role will trade play in the 2018 midterms?

    Confirmed Guest: Tony Fratto, Deputy Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

    Fratto served as Deputy Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George W. Bush from 2006-2009 and is currently a Managing Partner at Hamilton Place Strategies, a strategic communications and crisis management consultancy firm.

  12. The Art of the Political Revolution: Millennial, Progressive and the Future of the Democratic Party

    Tuesday February 27 - 4:15pm

    Let’s Talk Millennials
    We will examine recent polling on millennials demographic from Harvard, Priorities USA and Next Gen. Who is the millennial generation? What are the barriers to engaging them electorally? What are some of the challenges both political parties face in trying to communicate with this demographic?